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Blog Tour: Interview w/ Carrie Ann Ryan + Giveaway

Carrie Ann Ryan is a paranormal and contemporary romance author. After spending too much time behind a lab bench, she decided to dive into the romance world and find her werewolf mate - even if its just in her books. Happy endings are always near - even if you have to get over the challenges of falling in love first.

Her first book, An Alpha's Path, is the first in her Redwood Pack series. She's also an avid reader and lover of romance and fiction novels. She love meeting new authors and new worlds. Any recommendations you have are appreciated. Carrie Ann lives in New England with her husband and two kittens.

Carrie Ann loves hearing from readers!

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TBQ: Hi Carrie! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Carrie: Hi! Thanks so much for having me. Today is my 26th birthday so I’m celebrating LOL. I’m a chemist by day and a romance writer by night. I’ve been a reader for far longer and love making up my own worlds.

Happy Birthday! :) Don't do anything too wild! Actually, you should go find that Highlander you mention later and give him a ride. Try--I meant, try. *Wink*

Let's get the party started! :) Bring in the man candy!

In honor of your birthday today, Carrie, I present you with two hunky men (Google--it's wonderful, isn't it?) You may choose which you want--and picking both? Not greedy at all! ;)


TBQ: What made you decide to start writing? Why romance?
Carrie: I started writing because I kept reading books that were amazing, but I had my own story ideas. I love writing romance because I love HEAs. I want to dive in to a new world and break open the rules and make my own. I love seeing the way the hero(s) and heroine come together and find each other. I love watching them fall in love.

TBQ: Your newest release, Trinity Bound is the third book in the Redwood Pack series. Can you tell us a little bit about this book, and why readers are going to love it?

Carrie: Trinity Bound is my first m/m/f ménage. Reed and Hannah are locked away, taken from their homes, and Josh comes to save them. Though he is a human, Reed is a werewolf and Hannah is a witch. Reed sees himself in a relationship with both Josh and Hannah and the book follows their trials and tribulations in making a ménage work. Plus the Central Pack is back, trying their best to beat down the Redwoods.

TBQ: Are there other genres you would like to write about?

Carrie: Right now I’m focusing on Paranormal, though I have a contemporary and western series that is in the “plot bunny” stage.

TBQ: I know we all hate this question, author and reader alike. :) But I have to ask: What are a few of your favorite books and/or authors?

Carrie: LOL. I have so many. Shiloh Walker, Lauren Dane, Laurran Dohner, Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, Lorelei James, and so many more. I really have eclectic tastes.

TBQ: Have you ever fallen for a hero, either from one of your books or from another author? If so, who is he and what drew you to him?

Carrie: Well, in other books, it has been Charles from Patricia Briggs Alpha & Omega. That Native American man is sooo damaged yet so soothing. *sigh* I could just lick him up.

In my own books, I’ve fallen for Maddox. Though I have to fight my cp Lia Davis for him. He’s also damaged and soothing. Huh, I just realized I have a type.

Though Josh from Trinity Bound crept up on me and took a piece of my heart with him. (All great choices!)

TBQ: What's next-- Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming releases or WIP?

Carrie: After Trinity Bound, the next book I’m releasing is the first book in a new series, Dante’s Circle. Dust of My Wings is about Shade and Lily. Shade is an angel sent to earth to protect the angels’ secrets. And Lily is the one who could get in the way. The series is about seven women who are human and what happens when lightning strikes to create a new energy.

After that, Adam’s story, Enforcer’s Redemption will be out. I’m pretty sure both of these will be out in 2012, it really depends on timing. I’m having a tough time with Adam’s story in that those who know him know that he’s been through so much already. And it’s not over. (*Nods* Poor Adam--I'm really looking forward to his book! And your new series sounds awesome!)

Chocolate OR Vanilla? Vanilla

A day on a secluded island OR a day at the spa? Island. As long as I have my Kindle LOL.

Reading a steamy romance novel OR a suspense-filled mystery? Romance all the way.

Which would you rather have an affair with: a sexy highlander OR a devilishly handsome English lord? Highlander. I want to know what they wear under their kilts. *blushes* (High-five, girl! :D )

Hot summer days OR cold winter nights? Winter nights. More time for cuddling…though the idea of a sexy hero sweating…. (Oh yes--I'm seeing the appeal of a hot summer day... It's looking better and better!)

Where would your dream house be: in the city, where all the action is OR nestled in the mountain where you can enjoy the quiet and the wilderness? In the mountains. Though I’d miss take-out, I love peaceful nights.

If you could live in any time period, past or future, which one would it be? Hmm…I’d probably go back to visit that sexy highlander.  (Take me with you, please!)

Cover Lover OR Blurb Fan? I’m a Cover Lover who reads the blurb. It’s not an either or.

Steamy Novella OR Sweet Novel? Depends on my mood actually. I like the steamy, but sweet nice.

And finally, tell us 3 unique/wacky/fun things about yourself:
1.      I have gold-ish eyes from a car accident
2.      I have two cats: Miley Cyrus and Maxie Jonas (I needed to name them annoying names LOL)
3.      My favorite funny movie is Young Frankenstein

TBQ: Thanks so much for stopping by, Carrie, and please know that you are welcome back anytime! Do you have any questions for our readers—something to spark a good discussion? :)

Carrie: What do you like best about ménage stories?

Trinity Bound by Carrie Ann Ryan
Publisher: Self-Published (March 30th, 2012)
Series: The Redwood Pack, 3
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Menage
***May I just say that I'd
love to be that woman!***

Hannah Lewis, a rare earth witch, is taken from the only life she’s ever known. Held at her will by a sadistic wolf, she almost gives up hope that she’d ever see her real life again. But as her fellow captive, a werewolf named Reed, tries to calm her fears, she begins to feel a spark of something she never thought she’d feel – love. But is Reed, alone, enough to get her out of this dark basement so she can move on with her life?

Reed Jamenson, the artist of a werewolf Pack of Alpha males, knows instinctually that Hannah is his mate. Thus, despite their imprisonment, he will do all to protect her and then worry about their hearts. But is he strong enough to find a way for both of them to escape? And why does he feel as though something else is missing?

Josh Kolb, an ex-military human, stumbles upon Reed and Hannah and finds he must trust this new world of supernatural beings to survive. But that desire will lead the three to a triangle of attraction that will test the boundaries they all possess and its consequences in defeating the enemy. Can they all trust one another to save themselves and life as they know it? Even at the cost of their own hearts?
Where to Buy*:
More Info:
Author's Site | Book Site

Read my review for Trinity Bound--Reed's story is very steamy! :)

Other Books in the Series:
Click on the covers to buy from; the title links to the book's page on the author's website.
Book 1: An Alpha's Path

Book 2: A Taste for a Mate
Read my review of this book here.

Trinity Bound by Carrie Ann Ryan

Hannah put her hand on Josh’s arm, a jolt of electricity flashing between the two. She gasped and he held back the urge to do the same. She gave him a smile and he desperately wanted to brush the curls from her face, soothing the bruises that couldn’t hide her radiant beauty. Reed crouched behind her, still protective. He too was beautiful, his chiseled cheekbones pronounced against the shadowed, healing bruises.

Crap. He could understand thinking sexy thoughts about Hannah, but since when did he think males were attractive in any way? Either that weird connection confused him, or he really was falling for Reed. He didn’t know which one, if either, he wanted to be true.

Reed bent over Hannah to whisper to them both. “Camera.”

“Don’t worry about them now. We have about ten more minutes and then we’d have to worry.”

They both looked curious with a similar tilt of their heads, but didn’t say anything, merely nodding.

“Who are you?” Reed whispered, leaning closer.

“Josh.” Why the hell did he say his name? He was never a name, just a presence, on any other mission. Why did he want them to know his name? Know him? “I’m no one. Just a friend.”

“You’re human.” Hannah’s surprised gasp was still whispered.




Carrie Ann will be giving away an autographed bookmark to one commenter at every stop, and a $25 gift certificate to one randomly drawn commenter!

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 Carrie's Question:
What do you like best about ménage stories?

Giveaway ends on the last day of Carrie's blog tour (April 13th)--Good Luck!

Be sure to follow the rest of the tour, not only for
more chances to win, but also to learn more
about Carrie Ann and this great book!


I'd like to thank Carrie Ann for stopping by--I had a blast with our interview, and I loved this book! :)

I'd also like to thank Goddess Fish for allowing me to host Carrie today, as well as providing the review copy of Trinity Bound.


Until Next Time,
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Mary Preston said...

I had trouble getting past the birthday candles. Oh my!!

Menage stories tend to ramp up the tension & drama & sex. It's all good.


Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thank you for hosting Carrie Ann today.

Catherine Lee said...

Happy Birthday, Carrie. The Book Queen has offered up some lovely, tasty birthday gifts...You lucky girl.

I, too, am a big fan of Young Frankenstein. Mel Brooks is a genius when I need a great laugh (see The Producers, Blazing Saddles, High Anxiety...)

catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Carrie Ann Ryan said...

It was an awesome present!!

Carrie Ann Ryan said...

Mel is hilarious! LOL

Unknown said...

Oh My!! I could totally go for those birthday candles!

I love Young Frankenstein. I just introduced the kiddos to it and they love it too.

I love menage stories. Makes for a great fantasy and who wouldn't want 2 guys to love and take care of them. I know I would!

bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

Krystal Shannan said...

Great Interview! Loved it!

I love menage stories more and more, because I love the dynamic between the two men and the woman. How they love each equally and aren't threatened by sharing. It also give an extra umph to the protection level the heroine feels at the end that leaves you all warm and gooey on the inside. Not only does she have one strong man to take care of her, she had TWO!

The_Book_Queen said...

They are a bit...distracting, aren't they? :D

I have to agree with you there on menage stories!


The_Book_Queen said...

Is it horrible that I've never seen this movie? *ducks*


The_Book_Queen said...

Dig in! :) I bet Carrie will share with us if we ask nicely. LOL

Two men--I'm in! Lol. Well, okay, fantasy wise, of course. Not sure I could handle that in real life...Maybe for a night? LOL.


The_Book_Queen said...

Oh yes--I agree completely! :) Two strong, protective men is always better than one! :D


Carrie Ann Ryan said...

I'll share some birthday candles. *grins* I'm giving. LOL

I could probably handle two men in real life. At least I'd have fun trying. LOL

Carrie Ann Ryan said...

Yummy. That's why I love menage. Plus there are always character interactions to write LOL

Rhonda D said...

I totally love the 2 guys 1 girl menage stories. It gets me all hot and bothered, don't like the 2 girls 1 guy as much. I don't like to share :)

The_Book_Queen said...

*Nods* Nope, sharing is not in our vocabularies, is it? Lol. Not in relationships, at least.


The_Book_Queen said...

You'd happily *die* trying, wouldn't you? LOL. It would be intense, that's for sure!

But unless we can find two men like the ones we read about in the books...not interested. Who wants two men that sit around all day, drink beer and scream at the TV, right? :)

Maggie O'Malley said...

Happy Birthday. I love menage because there's always and extra pair of hands, lips and ... other big things.

The_Book_Queen said...

LOL--- YES!!!! That's all I have to say. :)


Anonymous said...

What I love about menage stories, besides imaging myself as the girl between two hot studs, is the complexity of the dynamics. You're not reading about one relationship, but four. Yes, I said four. There is A with B. There is A with C. There is B with C. But A+B+C is an entirely different animal that is more than the sum of its parts. That's what makes a good menage for me, when the synergistic relationship between the characters raises the story from voyeuristic flat porn to an emotional climax that sucks me into the story.

Paula (aka Coretta)

Julianne said...

I like to read menage stories because it's one of my personal fantasies. ssshhh!!!
But I also like to see how all three people meet and begin a relationship together. And how the author manages the dynamics of all three people together. The steamier the better for me. But there also has to be a good story behind all the great sex.
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

Brenda said...

Happy birthday, Carrie--or should I say, Hopping B-day!
And by the way, pick me, lol.

The_Book_Queen said...

Very nicely put--I think you hit the nail on the head! :) When done right, the relationships within a menage are some of the best around!


The_Book_Queen said...

Join the Menage Fantasy Club---you're not alone! :)

I agree-there must be more to the book than just great sex! Though, really, great sex can go a looong way to redeaming a book. Not all the way, mind you, but a long way.


The_Book_Queen said...

:) Thanks for stopping by--and Good Luck!


MomJane said...

I am definately getting all the books in this series. The stories are awesome sounding.

The_Book_Queen said...

I highly recommend it--especially for Reed's story alone! :) I can't wait to see what Carrie gives us next.


Christy said...

I love the fact that all 3 love each other and theres no jealousy. Happy Birthday Carrie! christina_92 at

Karen H said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Carie Ann! I agree...had trouble getting past the birthday candles! Just popping in to say HI and sorry I missed visiting with you on party day! Enjoyed reading about your book.

kareninnc at gmail dot com

Susan W. said...

To read menage or not to read menage... My cousin and I have talked about this. I like reading menage stories because there's just more of everything. More emotion, drama (in some books), and more sex! The emotion between the characters has to be strong to make 3+ relationships work and the background story has to hold them together. My cousin doesn't like menage stories because to her they don't seem realistic. Hello!!! That's one of the best points. Fantasy!!!

Happy birthday, Carrie!


Yvette said...

What I like best about menage...I love the fact that the people are usually very different yet can come together to have a wonderful and fulfilling relationship without the jealousy.

Anonymous said...

I love menage stories. They are totally HOT!! Trinity Bound sounds awesome and I can't wait to read it

kandj7299 at verizon dot net

bas1chs said...

I like MMF menage stories because we can see both sides of relationship and pleasure. Everyone is happy LOL

bas1chsemail at gmail dot com