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[NOR Review]: "Fury of Fire"

Fury of Fire by Coreene Callahan
Publisher: Montlake Romance (February 7, 2012)
Series: Dragonfury Series, 1
Genre: Paranormal Romance

A clandestine race of half-dragon, half-humans known as dragon-shifters lives among us. Bastian, leader of the Nightfury dragon clan, is sworn to protect humankind at all costs. For him, honor and duty always come first. When the clan dictates he take a human mate to sire a son, he falters, aware that for a human to birth a dragon-shifter she must die. Myst, the woman given into his care, is the most extraordinary he’s ever met, and though he can’t bear the thought of harming her he is bound by duty.

Myst loves her life in the human world, but Bastian has captured her heart in an instant of electric connection. But Bastian and his warriors are in the middle of a deadly battle with the Razorback dragon-shifters, intent on killing every Nightfury clan member—and the humans they protect—the fate of their world and ours hangs in the balance.

An extraordinary blend of action, fantasy, and steamy romance, Fury of Fire brings to life a dangerous new world intertwined with the survival of humanity, all while exploring the meaning of honor and the nature of true love.
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My Review:

Dragons? Check. Great storyline? Check. Yummy alpha-males? Check! Scorching romance? Check, check, and check! Fury of Fire delivers in all these areas and so many more.

Bastian is the leader of the Nightfury dragon clan, and as such he must be the one to set the example for his warriors to follow. When he realizes that it's time to start procreating and increasing their ranks (which are dangerously low, especially with all the trouble the Razorbacks are starting lately), it is up to him to step forward first.

It should be simple, right? Find a woman during the Meridian (a magical date for the dragons, the one time that they can get a woman pregnant—regardless of her fertility time) and show her a good time. But that's not the end of it—the woman will become pregnant with no problem...but she won't survive the son's birth. Son, you say? Yes, they can only breed more men, there is no such thing as a woman dragon. How can he love a woman, knowing that she will die a horrible death in just a few short months? The Razorbacks do it all the time, but they have no hearts, no mercy. Bastian and his men aren't like that, and they fear mating with a woman during this time. But no more—this time, Bastian is going to do it. It's for the fate of his kind, the continuation of his species. But that doesn't mean it will be any easier for him to handle emotionally.

And when he finds Myst, who practically bleeds pure white energy (which dragons “feed” on from the human females), he realizes that he is lost—heart, body, and soul to the strong and beautiful woman. It's only three days until the Meridian—if he takes her, she will become pregnant. And just like he knows that he won't be able to stay away from her during that time, he also knows she will die in labor. That is, unless the files in their archive or Myst's understanding of modern medicine and genetics can save her—before it is too late.

This book rocked! I loved Bastian, who is a total alpha-male, one who will do anything for his men—and his woman! I also loved meeting the other Nightfuries, and I can't wait to read their stories. This was a fantastic ride, one full of fantasy and action, not to mention enough passion and desire to set the pages on fire—let me tell you, once you go dragon, you'll never go back! :)

^Favorite “Sweet” Quote:

For all his physical strength, he was the weakest of their pairing. The most needy, the one begging without words to be taken..used hard and loved long. He wanted to be mastered—at the mercy of his female while she demanded everything from him.

See? Now, tell me the truth—don't you want to take Myst's spot and never let Bastian go? He's so strong, so protective—but when it comes to his woman, he's willing to admit that he needs her, that he doesn't want to go on without her. It's killing him inside, the thought that by taking her like he wants, he's guaranteeing her death. But how can he stay away? Plus, it's the same for Myst, and while on one hand she wants to return to her old life, she knows that she can't leave him, doesn't want to anyway.

Another quote that I really liked is much more simple. When he opens up for her, shows her how he feels and what his emotions are like in regards to her, she's a bit knocked over by the discovery. Her reply? “I see you.” And while, yes, this reminded me so much of the movie “Avatar”, it wasn't a problem (though I'm not sure if that is what the author was wishing for or not). Truly, when you read this book, there are just so many great quotes and passages to choose from, these ones I mention are only the tip of the iceberg.

^Favorite “Spicy” Quote:

“” His erection pulsed. He arched, an instant away from orgasm. “I'm going to come. I can't...Jesus...I'm going to...oh, fuck.”
“Ssh...settle down.”

He drew a desperate breath, throbbing hard, on the verge and then—

A miracle happened.

His body calmed, obeying his female without question.

Bastian shuddered. Holy shit. How had she done that..with nothing more than a whispered command? A moment ago, he'd been a nanosecond from losing it. Now? The urgency no longer ruled him. His fire was banked, but burning...leaving him hard and ready, but in control again.

Awed by her, Bastian whispered her name.

There were a lot of spicy quote contenders to choose from, but this one stuck out the most. We get to see how out of control he is while with her, how much he wants her, needs her. And yet, with just her touch, her soothing command, he's back in control. The passion still burns high between them, and it's not always gentle or sweet, but he's able to hold off and give her everything he can before he gives her himself. It's kind of sweet, but oh so spicy! It made me shudder a bit from the power of this passage, and I loved that!

4.5 STARS! Kicking off a new shifter series, Fury of Fire was an amazing ride from start to end. And while the ending leaves a bit to be desired, I'm confident that the next books in this series are going to be just as great, continuing the story of these strong, sexy warriors as they fight not only the Razorbacks, but their own fate—can they find their mates and save them from dying while bearing their young? A sexy new voice in paranormal romance is on the scene, and this is one series that you will not want to miss, one full of fantasy and love that burns brighter than any flame you can imagine! Here's my final word on it: put Callahan on your list. I promise you won't regret it!

^Quotes belongs solely to the author. I do not claim them in anyway.

Thanks to Night Owl Reviews, where I received this ARC for free in exchange for reviewing the book. (Free book does not equal biased review, however!) This review is the property of NOR.


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I've never heard of this, but I am intrigued. I recently read G.A. Aiken's Dragon Actually so I have dragons on my mind. Great review!