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[Blog Tour Review]: "Tides of Love"

Tides of Love by Tracy Sumner
Publisher: Tracy Sumner (November 10, 2011)
Series: The Seaswept Seduction, 1
Genre: Historical Romance
He left all he loved behind...

Will he be able to return and win her heart?

An earth-shattering secret revealed in his recently deceased mother's diary causes harsh words between Noah Garrett and his brother. Desolate and totally bewildered, Noah leaves Pilot Isle and has no contact with his family or even Elle Beaumont, the girl who has been his shadow all through childhood. Now, ten years later, Noah is a renowned biologist and returns to Pilot Isle to head up a research lab. Coming back home opens up old wounds and uncovers buried feelings. Hoping to have a few days to cope with all the old emotions welling up within him, Noah really isn't ready to face anyone yet. However, it's just his luck that the first person he literally bumps into is Elle. The only difference is, Elle is no longer a thin red headed mischievous imp who is constantly in trouble and always needing to be rescued. This Elle is a gorgeous, passionate young woman who sets Noah's blood on fire.

Marielle Claire Beaumont has loved Noah since she was a child. As a sad little girl who'd recently lost her mother and couldn't speak English, Elle met Noah when he saved her from taunts at school. Ever since then Elle has loved Noah unconditionally and followed him around like a little puppy. Her world was shattered when he left so suddenly. His silence all these years has been very difficult, and Elle is stunned when she slams into him so unexpectedly. It's not long before she's disrupting Noah's life again as sparks of passion fly in every direction between the two.


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My Review:

When childhood friends finally realize that they desire more then mere friendship, passion begins to simmer. Can Ellie and Noah come to terms with their feelings for one another—or will another decade apart pass?

I wanted to love this book. The storyline (friends to lovers) is one I usually enjoy. But for whatever reason it just did not work for me in this book. Nothing really stood out for me, which is a shame. It wasn't horrible, but it ended up being about “average” for me, which is not a bad thing, despite what others may think!

I had a hard time connecting with the characters. Noah and his brothers had some substance to them, but even they had something missing. Ellie was almost completely flat, and to be honest I didn't give her much thought throughout the book.

The story and/or writing made it difficult for me to enjoy it completely. I actually had a hard time concentrating on the book. Something vital was missing, something that was meant to give the book the spark it needed. I found myself flipping pages, trying to find something that was more...interesting, I guess. And sadly, I didn't miss much by doing this, so apparently I didn't flip through anything terribly important.

3 STARS! Although Tides of Love didn't grab my attention, I don't regret reading it. For a sweet, quick romance, this is a great story to pick up. Personally, I was looking for more from the book, and I just never did get it .But average isn't a bad rating, and I will still recommend this book to others who may like it!

I received this e-book from the author (for use during her blog tour) in exchange for my honest review.


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