Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lusting for Covers (71)

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Here's my candidate for the week:

The Shifter by Jean Johnson
Publisher: Berkley Trade (May 1, 2012)
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Before the Sons of Destiny came to be, shapechangers ruled the heart of a shattered empire and navigated the uncertain shifts of fate…
Years have passed since there was any sighting of Family Mongrel on the Shifting Plains. Yet traces remain, and they lead south into the Correda Mountains. As a favor to his brother and sister-in-law, Kenyen Sin Siin has taken it upon himself to track down these hints from the past and make sure the curs have not survived. The trail grows colder, more tangled, until he’s trapped in a valley where not everyone is as they seem. He will either adapt and survive or be uncovered and perish before his mission is complete.


Wary of strangers and distrustful of the unfamiliar, Solyn Ys Rei and her best friend have formed a secret resistance. One of a rare few with the ability to stand up to and evade enemies, she must still tread with great caution, particularly when even her best friend starts acting oddly. Allies could be enemies lurking in disguise, and a stranger’s face could hide a new foe as easily as a new friend.
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I first fell in love with Johnson's work when reading her Sons of Destiny series a few years back. I still have yet to read the last book (it's sitting, like many others, in my TBR mountain) but I loved each and every one. I'm glad to see a new series starting!

I love this cover for two reasons:
A) The yummy naked male chest we get to oogle. :) Bonus points for the tattoo!

B) The colors, though not eye popping, work great with the rest of the cover design and I love it!

Plus, the fact that this book revolves around shifters? Automatically added it to my list, regardless of author or cover. :)  

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JoLee @ Wickedly Delicious Book Blog said...

Hi babe. Yummy Cover. Love shifter books. Especially if the hero is Alpha male. Cover model is looking sexy shirtless in his Leather pants. Will be checking this book out. Nice choice this week.


The_Book_Queen said...

:) Glad you like it! I had planned another pick for this week, but found this one last minute and decide to switch.


Unknown said...

I LOVE shifter books!! I don't think I have read any of her books before. I will have to add to my ever growing TBR pile!! Thanks for sharing!!

Here is mine:

The_Book_Queen said...

Oh, yes, definitely add this too your pile! I haven't read it, but if it is anything like her other books that I have read--you don't be disappointed! :) Very sexy, great characters and even some humor between the characters. :D