Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lusting for Covers (75)

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Here's my candidate for the week:
A Soul So Wicked by Sharie Kohler
Publisher: Pocket Books (December 26, 2012)
Series: Moon Chasers, 6
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Sharie Kohler continues her popular Moon Chaser series with a fantastical tale about a lycan and a demon witch who join forces to search for love and redemption.
A lycan generations old, Darius roams the earth seeking redemption as he hunts the one responsible for his terrible curse, determined to make her pay the price for the untold suffering he’s brought upon the world. The last thing he expects, however, is to find a tantalizing woman beneath the demon witch who’s as desperate for redemption—and love—as he is.

For more than 1,000 years, Tresa, an enslaved demon witch who has spent her long life tormented by the devastating mistakes of her past, has roamed the earth fleeing her demon, trying to make amends and avoid unleashing further evil upon the world. Although she feels deserving of the torment she has brought on herself, in Darius’s arms she begins to feel the most dangerous thing of all…hope that maybe passion can burn hotter than the evil hunting her.

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I love this cover---it's a bit on the light side, which makes it a bit hard to see on a computer, but I think the actual paperback will look much better! :)

I'm way behind on this series (I've only read book 1 when it came out, and loved it!), but I plan on catching up as soon as I can. Perhaps before this one comes out in Dec? *Crosses fingers*

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C.S. Maxwell said...

I think I have read only one in this series, too. We Both need to catch up.
Here is my L4C:

The_Book_Queen said...

Hm, we'll have to see who can catch up first! LOL. But it's not so much me against you as us against the TBR Mountain. I'm not sure if we'll win... :)


JoLee @ Wickedly Delicious Book Blog said...

Hi sweetie. That is awesome I only read MARKED BY MOONLIGHT #1 too. I believe I have KISS OF A DARK MOON #2. I also enjoyed the 1st book. Do not know why I have not continued with the series. WOW I can not believe #6 is coming out in Dec. That is good gives me time to catch up. Thank you for your great pick this week, I forgot all about this series. Have a happy sunday.


The_Book_Queen said...

:) Glad to hear I'm not the one only that forgets series (for no reason at all!). Lol. I blame it on the pressure from our TBR mountains, okay? It's not our fault one bit! Lol. Can't wait to finish this series, might have to break down and buy the rest of the books before Dec. Hehe


Unknown said...

I love L4C!!! I have not heard of this author or series before--I am adding to my TBR pile!! Thanks for introducing me to a new author!!

My L4C:

The_Book_Queen said...

:) One of the many reasons I started it--it allows us to share authors/books/series that perhaps we would otherwise forget to mention. Love that!

If/when you read her books, please tell me what you think!