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[NOR Review]: "One Naughty Night"

One Naughty Night by Laurel McKee
Publisher: Forever (June 1, 2012)
Series: The Scandalous St. Claires, 1
Genre:  Historical Romance

A hundred years has passed since the bitter rivalry between the St. Claires and the Huntingtons began. But in London, the feud goes on . . .

Lily St. Claire will do anything for the family that saved her from the streets. With their support, the young widow has become the hostess of The Devil's Fancy, London's most exclusive gaming den. She's determined to restore the St. Claire family fortune, lost a century before to the despised Huntington clan. But a ghost from her past may be her ultimate undoing . . .

Lord Aidan Huntington is handsome and wealthy, with a taste for adventure and a reputation for wickedness. A gambler and a rake, Aidan can't resist a seductive woman with secrets - but one naughty night with Lily leaves him wanting more. As Lily is drawn into London's dark underworld by an old enemy, Aidan will risk everything to save the woman who has awakened his deepest desires.


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My Review:
Laurel McKee may be a new author to me, but she is now officially on my list for wickedly sexy historicals!

One Naughty Night lives up to its title (again...and again...and, well, you get the point)! As the first book in McKee's new series, we are introduced to the very interesting theater family, the St. Claires, and the family they've been feuding with for centuries, the titled Huntingtons. Based on how entertaining this book was, I have no doubt this will be a great series to come!

Lily and Aidan are perfect for one another. Both are more complex than it seems, and very different from what Society thinks they are. I loved Aidan, he was a hero the reader can lust for. And Lily was a great heroine, one that many readers, including myself, would be thrilled to have as a friend. Watching the two finally realize they love each other—ah, great times!

Banter and sparks both fly wildly when they meet, and only increase as the pages turn. There isn't a lukewarm moment to be found anywhere in this book; this is one fiery novel, and I loved every moment of it!

Favorite Quote^:
“I must be mad, then, for I like your arrogance. You're always who you truly are. You never pretend.”

“And you shouldn't either.” Aidan lay down beside her on the pillows, his body stretched out so that he curled around her protectively, and bent his head to kiss her shoulder. “You should never be anyone but you, Lily. Just as you are.”

4.5 STARS! If you enjoy your historicals with fire and wickedly sexy romance, then One Naughty Night is the perfect book to pick up. I am anxious to continue the St.Claires story, to see who falls next, and in the meantime I will be picking up McKee's previous novels.

^Quote belongs solely to the author. I do not claim it in anyway.

Thanks to Night Owl Reviews, where I received this ARC for free in exchange for reviewing the book. (Free book does not equal biased review, however!) This review is the property of NOR.


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