Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lusting for Covers (94)

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Here's my candidate for the week:

The Lady is a Thief by Heather Long
Publication Date: Novebmer 2012!
Series: The Fortunate Buddha, 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
One Thief…
Wealthy, titled, and very privileged, Lady Katherine Hardwicke successfully eluded some of the best thieves in the world in a quest to obtain the Fortunate Buddha. Her time is running out and her enemies are closing in, and one deliciously enigmatic man seems determined to get in her way. Will he save her or end her quest forever?

One Hunt…
Jarod Parker wears many faces and lies for a living, but when the same thief steals the Buddha out from beneath his agents not once but twice, this handler returns to the field. His target? The last woman anyone would suspect of being the thief. But is he really after the Buddha or has this brilliant woman stolen his heart?

One Choice…
Their sensuous game of cat and mouse turns deadly when a third player turns up the heat, but can these two liars come clean with each other or will they lose it all?
Where to Buy*:  
Not Available for Pre-Order yet!
More Info:


One word: Tattoo! :)

I'm a sucker for sexy tattoos on a man, as many of you already know so when I saw this cover revealed on Heather's Facebook page earlier this week, I KNEW I had to show it for L4C. Love, love, love!

I've only read one book from Ms. Long (Once Her Man, Always Her Man), and I LOVED it, even though it was just a short novella! I'm anxious to read more of her books, and this series sounds very good!



What cover are you currently lusting for? Tell me, I want to know! Follow the directions above on how to post your own Lusting for Covers, and leave a comment telling me what you think of the cover for The Lady is a Thief?

Sorry that I've been MIA this past week--although both family members are now out of the hospital, I've been busy trying to clean up one of their rooms (my aunt's).
I hate to air dirty laundry, but I'll say this much--for the almost 10 years she's lived in my house, she's not cleaned up her room, instead throwing everything in piles, never throwing away everyday garbage, and smoking up there (because she's stupid on top of lazy, I'm sorry to say). Well, now I've had it up to HERE with this crap, and since she won't clean it, and I can't very well throw her out, though I wish to, it's down to me to clean it up. Between her not cleaning or throwing things away, on top of the mice sh** that's up there (we never had mice before she moved in....true story), it looks like something a HazMat team should be cleaning up!
Four days into the job, and I'm not even half done, though I've went through about 40 trashbags, 5 face masks (for me) and about 20 pairs of gloves (for me). *sigh* My back is killing me, I feel filthy--even after showering daily--and I've barely managed to read 10 pages and check my emails twice.
The sad thing? Despite what I'm doing, she'll never fully appreciate it. She's just...not that kind of person, and while she may say "Thanks", she'll be saying it only because she feels she has to.
But enough about my horrible week--I hope everyone else's was much, much better!


Until Next Time,

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Wickedly Delicious said...

Sorry to hear about your family members being sick. I am also sorry you have to go through all that cleaning after you let your aunt stay with you. If you ever just need to vent you know you can always email me.
Love your pick this week. I always find new books to add to my over growing TBR pile. Loving the Tatoo hero and the blend with the couple and the city.

Belle's Book Bag said...

Aww...I am so sorry to hear about what you're going through. Hopefully it will get better. Great choice!! This is a new one for me and I love the cover. I also LOVE tattoos~so I am all in and will be adding this to my TBR mountain!! LOL Try and have a good rest of the weekend!!

My L4C:

The_Book_Queen said...

Thanks, hun---I don't see a ranting email in your future right now, but who knows what time will bring? :)
I'm always happy to help grow your TBR pile. :D

The_Book_Queen said...

Thanks, I hope so too! :)
We're all such cover hussy's, aren't we? Tattoos, shirtless men, smexy couples, favorite colors--it all works! :D And we're proud of it, right? Right!

Trish Dechant said...

Awww. boo, I am feeling it for you. Hope there is a ray of sunshine and a rainbow soon for you.
You know that I share your obsession(? ) LOL with a tatted hero. I have heard of Heather Long but not read her. GASP--I know, right?
I just finished Kresley Cole's YA book, Posion Princess--and I could not stop reading. It was freakin' awesome.
Love your choice of covers:
Here is mine:
Hope next week is mucho better for you~

erin f said...

*hugs* Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Nothing's worse than having to clean up after someone else and knowing your efforts will be unappreciated! My thoughts are with you and as an OCD cleaning nazi (my BF's words) I shudder at what you're going through. Good for you for taking responsibility and sucky that you had to. Wish I was nearby cuz I would love to help! Here's hoping that you're week goes better! Happy reading!

Leah Weller said...

You need a big (((HUG))). Sending good thoughts your way for a better week. And do not feel alone. We all have people like that in our families.

The_Book_Queen said...

Thanks, Trish! On top of this, now my grandfather was life-flighted to the (bigger) hospital tonight. I just can't get a day's rest lately! I won't be around much, not sure yet how long he'll be in there, they're still figuring things out...
See, we both have great obsessions--er, I mean, tastes! :D Ooh, I highly recommend OHMAHM, the only book I've read so far by Heather--but I've heard many great reviews on her other books, too!
Glad to hear you loved Cole's YA--it's on my list! :)

The_Book_Queen said...

So very true! It's horrible, really, no words to describe it! I mean, I'm not the best cleaner (though not from not wanting to, but rather always a lack of time), but this--this is just filth. Imagine every "Hoarders" episode you've ever seen and then add some more sh**, both of the mouse variety and just plain garbage variety. Yikes!
Ah, while I appreciate the help, I'd never subject you to this horror--really, you'd run screaming! Hell, *I* want to run screaming! lol. I hope thing are going well, and thank you so much for stopping by! :)

The_Book_Queen said...

Thanks! Isn't that the truth? I think I have more than one, but I'm afraid *she* is the worst, hands down. *sigh*