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Guest Post with Danielle Lisle + Giveaway!


Living in the remote part of Australia called the Northern Territory, Danielle conforms to the typical Aussie persona. That is, if you think the typical Aussie sits around the BBQ with a beer in hand, dressed in a singlet, shorts and ‘pluggers’ (rubber thongs) thinking nothing of the 35 degree celsius heat with 100% humidity and ignoring the snapping handbags (saltwater crocodiles) swimming nearby. Yep, Danielle is certainly that typical Aussie on weekends, but during the week, she is somewhat different.

Transporting herself to a place of history, intrigue and fornication, Danielle writes historicals laced in scandal, lust and desire, with no thought to propriety or what’s socially considered ‘proper’. She adores the handsome rogue or the wild rake that refuses to acknowledge to the possibility of love or monogamy. What woman doesn’t like the allure of the wonton tempter, with his tightly fitted breeches and devilish smile? *swoons!*

Danielle believes there is something hugely gratifying about taming that wild gentleman, and is kind enough to haul us along for the ride.

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The Fainting Room

A place thats purpose truly is swoon-worthy!

Female Hysteria – Post #3

The more time I spend researching into the so-called illness of ‘Female Hysteria’ , I find myself further dumbfounded and incredibly amused by the denseness of humanity at one time or another. In my first post in this series , I talked about the condition itself before moving onto the amusing topic of historical vibrators . Yes, they did exist and were somewhat scary for those of us who are slightly delicate (no one should miss that post!).  Yet, it was towards the end of my studies where I discovered ‘The Fainting Room’ and what its true purpose was.

“A fainting room was a private room of one’s house of which its main features/furniture were fainting couches - used during the Victorian era to make women more ‘comfortable’ during the home treatment of female hysteria. Fainting rooms were used by doctors for privacy during home treatment pelvic massages.”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with ‘Female Hysteria’  allow me to give you a brief rundown. According to physicians throughout history, women were subjected to an illness called ‘Hysteria’ where the woman would display a number of symptoms from shortness of breath, irritability and vaginal leakage to sexual fantasies and "a tendency to simply cause trouble". The treatment for this was a pelvic massage performed by a doctor - and later on, when the first vibrator was invented, it was also used in treating the illness. Nowadays, ‘Female Hysteria’  is no longer regarded as an illness and is simply known as sexual frustration.

The thing that I find additionally fascinating is that reoccurring sufferers of the ‘illness’ had a room built in their home specifically for undergoing their treatment!

The Fainting Room was a small room, often with only one window and normally at the top of the stairs. It also serviced the other purpose of being a true ‘Fainting Room’ thanks to the fashion of the hourglass figure and suffocating corsets. Women often retired to the ‘Fainting Room’ whenever they became faint or wished for a moment alone to rest when entertaining.
Its furniture consisted of a ‘Fainting couch’ which are easily differentiated from more traditional couches, having one end of the back raised. It was thought they took on this design so doctors administrating ‘treatment’ could gain easy access to their patients without them having to disrobe.

THE VIRGIN AT GOODRICH HALL , my second historical erotic novel, takes place in a manor just outside London called Goodrich Hall. It is a place where lust and fornication roam free. It is whispered about among the ton, both despised and admired by those wishing for the privileged chance to step within its doors, though few ever truly obtain the chance.

In this second instalment of the ROGUES OF DECEPTION series, Lady Margaret knew her father would choose her a suitor soon, but how could she find passion with a man twice her age? With the fear she would never experience anything with her husband other than her duty of providing him an heir, she set out for Goodrich Hall, a whispered about mystery of the ton. Propriety and good sense be damned, she would not die without experiencing the pleasure a real man could offer!
As soon as the young maiden entered the Hall, Victor knew he would have her. Her masked face and barely there silks, which clung to her with a lust of their own, sent a rush of need through his body. It was not until she melted against him later, her passion fully stated, did he realise she was more to him than he first thought.

A big thank you to The Book Queen for allowing me to talk to you all today about this ‘interesting’ topic.

~Danielle Lisle

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The Rose's Bloom by Danielle Lisle
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing (July 30, 2012)

Series: Rogues of Deception, 1
Genre: Historical Erotica
There is a manor just outside London called Goodrich Hall, where lust and fornication roam free within its walls. It is whispered about among the ton, both despised and admired by those wishing for the privileged chance to step within its doors, though few ever truly obtain the chance.Three elusive noblemen are among those invited to attend, all sharing in its forbidden pleasure.

Yet there are women these three men did not anticipate. Pleasure seekers in their own right, these ladies will awaken more than just lust within these noblemen’s hearts.


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Excerpt From: The Rose's Bloom  
Northern Dorset Forest, England, 1803.

A clear blue sky was a rarity at this time of year. England had the worst weather, apart from Scotland, perhaps, where it rained no matter what the season.

Damon knew he shouldn't complain, especially on a day as grand as this. The birds were singing, the wind whispered softly as it passed him, and the wildlife rustled in the underbrush. He was not after a small creature. No, he had his sights on a mighty stag. His man of business had mentioned seeing one in the area when he had recently journeyed from London. How prized would the animal look hanging on his wall? Of course, his study was already filled with the heads of other beasts, but Damon would make sure his staff found room for this creature's massive antlers.

Approaching the large, winding river where he hoped his prey would stop to drink, Damon was surprised to notice a white mare tethered to a fallen tree. The mare raised her head as he approached, though she paid him and his black stallion little mind, finding the greenery below more appealing. He noticed the horse wore a sidesaddle and Damon's eyebrows drew down as he looked for another steed. The mare was a fine horse, her saddle also of noble quality, yet it was unlikely a lady of nobility would have ridden out alone. A lady would never be found unchaperoned. It could ruin her reputation.

Scanning the tree line along the wide river, he became more puzzled as time progressed. Had the lady come to some harm? Where was she?

A sudden ripple in the water caught his attention. A woman rose, gasping for breath, taking the air deep into her lungs before she laughed, flipping onto her back, floating around as she gazed up at the blue sky.

It took Damon a moment to overcome his shock at the woman's sudden appearance before he noticed she wore nothing but her slip. A very sheer slip. His eyes moved hungrily over the wet material, which clung to the vibrant curves underneath. The round softness of her breasts and the darker shadow at the apex of her sex intrigued him, as it would any hot-blooded male. His cock hardened as he sat upon his steed, conflicted between twin desires—to watch, or to make the girl aware of his presence? The former won out, and he encouraged his steed backwards, into the thickness of the forest along the river, concealing their presence. He was thankful for the soft splatter of water falling from the small waterfall upstream, masking his steed's hoof falls.

Unable to bear not viewing her for long, Damon dismounted and tethered his stallion to a branch before hurrying back towards the river, where he perched himself against a tree like a hunter stalking his prey.

The girl, who he could now see clearly to be about eight and ten, perhaps, still floated carelessly on top of the water. She kicked her legs gracefully and ever so slightly, to keep herself from drifting downriver. Upon each movement, as a leg bent, the wet material of her slip clung to her sex, teasing him with glimpses of the hidden treasure.

His cock pulsed in his breeches, reminding Damon it had been too long since he had bedded a woman. Shifting his stance to release the tension behind the fabric, Damon groaned. Instead of easing his discomfort, it seemed to have advanced it. How divine it would feel to sink into the warmth of a woman's sheath at that moment, pounding into her heavenly softness with the sun's heat at his back. He shifted his stance again. Blast it!

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Thanks for stopping by today, Danielle--wow, what a post! It's still hard to believe what went on back then... :D

So tell me, ladies--after reading about the
Fainting Rooms of old, are
 you glad to live in the modern age? :)


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Angela Castle said...

I love the Roses Bloom, a enchanting yet sexy read, was never a fan of historical's until I read Ms. Danielle's. Brilliantly done.

Danielle Lisle said...

Thanks Angela! :D

Donna Gallagher said...

Thank you Danielle for your enlightening history lessons! They never taught us about this in school ;) Congratulations on The Rose's Bloom I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Danielle Lisle said...

Thanks Donna! :)

Arely Z. said...

I've always loved historical books and the idea of the 1800s, but I could never live there. No indoor plumbing, lamps, and erotic books? No thank you! ;) Plus the whole "men are smarter than wimpy females" concept doesn't seem like much fun!
Haha, so thanks Danielle for telling us this!

Arely Z. said...

Oh, my email is amzpar [at] gmail [dot] com

Danielle Lisle said...

I know Arely!
Flushing dunnys - something so simple but not an innovation this girl could
live without. ;) Good luck!

erin f said...

thanks for a fun post and congrats to Danielle on the newest release! Oh wow... I am very thankful that I live now instead of then. Can you just imagine what a "pelvic massage" consisted of? And corsets... *shudders*

Danielle Lisle said...

Thanks Erin!
I guess the 'massage' wouldn't be to bad if some hot, sexy doctor was preforming it but i get your point. ;-/

Danielle Lisle said...

Thanks bn100 :)

bn100 said...

Informative post. Nice excerpt.