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[ARC Review]: "What Happens in Scotland"

What Happens in Scotland by Jennifer McQuiston
Publisher: Avon (February 26, 2013)
Genre: Historical Romance
Jennifer McQuiston’s debut historical romance, What Happens in Scotland, is a lively, romantic adventure about a wedding that neither the bride or the groom remembers.

Lady Georgette Thorold has always been wary of marriage, so when she wakes up next to an attractive Scotsman with a wedding ring on her finger, it’s easy to understand why she panics and flees. Convinced that Georgette is a thief, her may-be husband, James McKenzie, searches for her. As both try to recall what happened that fateful night, they begin to realize that their attraction and desire for each other is undeniable. But is it enough?

Fans of Sarah MacLean and Mary Balogh will enjoy this utterly charming historical romance from award-winning author Jennifer McQuiston that features unforgettable characters and a satisfying mix of adventure and passion.

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Jennifer McQuiston's debut, What Happens in Scotland, is an entertaining historical, and one that is, in my opinion, a little different from most historicals. How many do you know of where the hero and heroine meet during a drunken night (which is an unusual state for both of them), pretend marry, wreck havoc on the town, and then get married for real? Only to wake up in the morning with no memory of any of it? And add on some family issues, on both sides, and a man trying to kill the hero (and steal the heroine) and you have a recipe for crazy, but in a good way. :)


I giggled a few times, while Georgette was trying to piece together the events; the way that a few of the men worded what happened, it sounded like she had done some very horrible, and intimate, things with them. Come to find out that instead it was all very innocent. On a side note, I was very happy to see her standing up for herself and taking control, something that she did not have when she was married before.


James...ah, what a wonderful hero! He's tough, but he's honest. He works hard for his money, and doesn't want it just handed to him. And he has a beard. Oh yes. ;)


4 STARS! Overall, a lovely debut, and one that I truly enjoyed. I can't wait to see what McQuiston offers us next (Cameron's story, I hear, which I look forward to!). There may have been a few bumps along the road, but not enough to keep me from enjoying this one. If you want to have a (scandalous) good time, be sure to pick up What Happens in Scotland!

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I received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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