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Meg Benjamin is an award-winning author of contemporary romance for Samhain Publishing and paranormal romance for Berkley InterMix. Her books have won an EPIC Award for Contemporary Romance, the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, the New England Romance Writers Beanpot Award, and the Holt Medallion among other honors. Meg lives in Colorado.

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Bolted by Meg Benjamin
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (April 2, 2013)
Series: Promise Harbor Wedding, 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Sometimes you have to get lost before you can find yourself.

The Promise Harbor Wedding, Book 2

Greta Brewster McBain in a bind. Two, if she’s really counting. First there’s the can-barely-breathe, bridesmaid’s dress from hell. Second, the stranger who just carried her “perfect” brother’s fiancĂ©e out the church door has made it impossible to tell her own mother about her own divorce.

Rather than confirm her reputation as the family screw-up, Greta takes a drive to clear her head.

Trapped in a hole and unable to reach his cell phone, Hank Mitchell is resigned to becoming a permanent part of his own archeological dig when help arrives—in the form of a woman who looks like a Gone With The Wind refugee. Behind the ruffles and lace, though, is something he appreciates: a woman who isn’t afraid of a little dirt.

Their instant connection draws Greta into the eccentric world of the Hotel Grand, where she impulsively trades her hoopskirts for an apron. Soon things are getting hot, not only in the hotel kitchen, but in Hank’s arms...

Warning: Contains hot moonlit sex, a melancholy turtle, two wisecracking seniors, and the world’s ugliest bridesmaid dress.



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Bolted by Meg Benjamin

What he saw next almost convinced Hank he was hallucinating. The woman was dressed like something out of a movie: a huge bell-shaped skirt covered with ruffles, a wide sash at the waist, a low-cut neckline that stretched across her shoulders and revealed what looked to be more-than-respectable breasts. After a moment, she knelt at the edge, peering down at him, and he saw short brownish hair and dark eyes. “Hi,” she said.


“Hi.” He took a quick breath, hoping to god she was real and not a particularly bizarre dream. “Could you possibly come down here and give me a hand? I’m stuck.”


She frowned slightly, dark eyes narrowing. “Possibly. What do you need exactly?”


“My foot’s wedged in here.” He pointed to his foot, still jammed between the two large rocks. “Maybe you could help me pull the rocks apart so I could get loose.”


She frowned, considering. “How about just taking your shoe off?”


He shook his head. “I tried that. It’s too tight. I can’t get my foot out of the shoe.”


“Oh.” She was still frowning. “Okay, just a minute.” She disappeared from the edge, and for a moment he was unreasonably afraid she’d gone. Then he saw the bell-shaped skirt at the top of the ladder. “Hang on, this may take a while,” she said cheerfully. “This skirt isn’t exactly made for climbing up and down ladders.”


“That’s okay, take your time. Don’t hurt yourself.” He leaned back slightly against the side of the excavation. He still wasn’t entirely sure he wasn’t hallucinating, but at least it was more entertaining than standing there wondering if he could amputate his own foot with his pocketknife.


He watched the huge green skirt floating slowly down the ladder. Given the half of the girl he could see from the waist up, he assumed there were legs and a rear end under there somewhere, but there was no telling from what he could see currently. She looked a little like one of those dolls that had only a cone underneath the costume.


The girl in the green dress reached the bottom of the ladder, lifting up her skirt to step free. She was wearing white running shoes, he noted. Good thing, too. She probably couldn’t have gotten down that ladder if she’d had to worry about her shoes along with her skirt.


She gave him a bright smile, pushing her bangs out of her eyes. “Now what?”


“My foot’s sort of wedged in here at the base of the wall. Maybe you could push the rocks on one side and I could push on the other. I don’t have enough leverage to do it all myself.”


The girl frowned again. “Let me give it a try.” She bent down at his feet, giving him a great view of her cleavage.


Jesus, Mitchell, she’s trying to help you. Do not ogle her.

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Ooh, this sounds like a fun one to read! I'm definitely putting it, and the rest of the series, on my list!

Have you read any of Meg's books? How about the first book in this series, by Kelly Jamieson?

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Andra Lyn said...

This book looks like it would be a super cute and fun romance! Thanks for sharing! :)

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Meg Benjamin said...

Hi everybody. Thanks for hosting!

Mary Preston said...

The "Gone With the Wind refugee" remark had me laughing. Love it.


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Oh I love that excerpt I have not read the book yet or the first one :( I am still waiting for my husband to give me my book budget for the month, so hopefully soon.

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I have not read any of Meg's books yet. This one sounds like a winner.

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This sounds so good. I have this on my to be read list. I can't wait to read it.

Meg Benjamin said...

Y'all, I promise, it's a quick read! You can do Kelly's Jilted and my Bolted in a couple of days.

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I have been hearing some great things about this book and I have put it on my tbr list... thanks for a great giveaway..

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What a fun romance. I will love to read it.

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Thanks for sharing about this novel! I'm really looking forward to reading it!

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It sounds like it is going to be a good time, you gotta love the ugly bridesmaid dress, everyone has one

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lol I love the warning :) Think this story sounds like one I'd enjoy!
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Haven't read any of this author's books yet. Nice excerpt.

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This series sounds awesome! Congrats to Meg and the others on the new anthology? series? Definitely top on my want list!

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The last sentence matches the cover rather well :)
Thanks for sharing an excerpt!

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I kinda really want to read this book!


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I really want to read this book and the rest of the series too.
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can't wait to start this series.....love the sound of it

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I'm loving what I'm reading on this book & the series! Looking forward to reading it. Congratulations on it's release. Thank you for the giveaway!

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Never read any of her books, but this one does look really good.