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[Kame's Review]: "Lost In You"

Lost In You by Lauren Dane
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (March 12, 2013)
Series: Petal, Georgia (2)
Genre: Contemporary Erotica
He’s faced down every demon…except one fast-talking Southern girl.

It hasn’t been easy for Joe Harris to live down his not-so-honorable past, but the military made him a better man. He’s determined to make up for past mistakes, starting with coming home to care for his ailing father.

Things are going as planned until his best friend’s little sister comes barreling into his life. Funny, quick talking, smart, beautiful, she’s a temptation he tries—and fails—to resist.

When Beth Murphy hears Joe is back in town, she makes sure she’s the first on his welcoming committee. Though he tries to pretend he’s gruff and unworthy of her, she sees the man who spoils his dog, who touches her like she’s precious. Cherished. But there’s one wall she can’t break down—the truth about what’s happening at home.

On the night the nature of his father’s illness becomes painfully, publicly apparent, Joe does the right thing—push Beth as far away as possible. But if he thought she’d go away quietly, he’s about to learn she’s made of sterner stuff.

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Kame's Review:

I fell in love with Lauren Dane and Petal Georgia when I found the Chase we are visiting with their extended family and the Murphy clan. 

Joe Harris and Beth Murphy grew up on the same side of the tracks in Petal Georgia, the wrong one.  That is what many would think, but now that time has passed it seems that time by the tracks has shaped them into people who care about their family, and understand what it means to be a family.

Joe left Petal for the military, not by choice but in a drunken stupor he signed up.  Basic training gave him the structure he needed, and a great drill sergeant helped him focus on getting some skills.  Now he is back in Petal, using his skills as a mechanic to set up a garage. He is determined to help his parents and hopefully reconnect with his best friend William Murphy.

Beth is thankful the Chase family has welcomed the whole Murphy clan with open arms.  She relishes in her appointed position as favorite aunt to all of her nieces and nephews, however Beth longs to have a man who adores her like her sister Tate has in Matt Chase.  Family is important to the Murphy’s weekly family dinners and being in business with her sisters keeps them connected. Beth notices when Joe comes back into Petal and immediately sets her sites on him. Joe tries not to break the “No dating your best friend’s sister” code but Beth is relentless.

“The stuff you say. My God. You probably aged Joe five years.”

"But they were really good five years, Trey.” she winked


I really enjoyed this book, the conflict between Joe and Beth was a refreshing change from what you see in contemporary romances lately.Their relationship took time, and it was not always perfect.  Beth is a strong character who is strong in her convictions, when it came time to resolve the conflict in Joe and Beth’s romance I enjoyed how Beth did not immediately run into his arms, but set boundaries. No visit to Petal would be complete without a smattering of appearances from the Chase boys, their wives and Polly herself.

I discovered this book was being released and preordered it for my Nook and read it within days of release. This book is the second in Lauren Dane’s Petal series, it could be read as a stand alone as Lauren Dane gives enough background to keep involved with the story.  For your upmost reading enjoyment I highly encourage you to start this whole wonderful visit to Petal Georgia with the first of the Chase Brothers books – Giving Chase, it is the best way to truly get all the inside jokes about Polly Chase and all the background of the characters and places of Petal Georgia. I hope another visit to Petal Georgia is in my future – I look forward to Petal book 3!



Kame bought this book.

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Ooh, I love the cover for this one--and the book sounds great, thank you so much for sharing today, Kame! :) I must put this series on my list!

Have you read any of the Petal, Georgia books? Or any of Lauren Dane's books?


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Colleen Isolde said...

Another great review, Kame! You never disappoint by encouraging me to add more and more books to my TBR list. Sigh. I think I'll have to move "Giving Chase" up on my list to read sooner rather than later. :)

Lover Of Romance said...

Awesome review! I have heard of this author but have yet to read her, thinking I need to change that soon though. I love the sound of this one.

Kame said...

The next Petal book won't come out until September - so you have time - start with the Chase brothers - oh my made me melt - then we can discuss our favorite Chase might put that on my FB page now.

Kame said...

Colleen - they are not our normal alpa military heroes but the Chase boys are good Southern men and know how to love a woman;...I love how each of their heroines has their own demons/issues to conquer - its more than a "I fell in love with you immediately" romance. And thanks for the praise you always are a great support to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!