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[Musing Maddie's Review]: "Kill Shot"

Kill Shot by Liliana Hart
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 14, 2013)
Genre: Contemporary Romance (Romantic Suspense)
Grace Meredith is the CIA’s most deadly assassin. Too bad she’s gone off the grid and become a mercenary for hire. After the death of her daughter by a sniper’s bullet, Grace can no longer stomach the demands of agency life or keep herself from blaming the only man she’s ever loved. Her mind and body are fragile, and she knows she’s just a step away from breaking down completely.

Gabe Brennan holds the weight of the world on his shoulders. As one of the most brilliant black ops agents the CIA has ever employed, he knows it’s no one’s fault but his own that his child was gunned down in cold blood. He might not have been able to save his daughter, but he’s determined to save his wife. He only has to find her first.

Sexual tension crackles between Gabe and Grace from the moment they’re reunited, but between the man who is hunting them, a secret that’s been buried for eighty years, and a turbulent past—the odds are stacked against them.


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Musing Maddie's Review:

If you love Romantic Suspense, with a tough chick heroine and a formidable agent Hero, you will love Kill Shot by accomplished author, Liliana Hart.


Grace Meredith had created an extremely tough wall of indifference mixed with cold-hearted killer, a wall that wrapped around her heart. For two lonely, grief-filled years, she'd built this impenetrable façade, crippled by the venomous hate that had filled her. She knew, deep down, that she still loved her ex-husband, the man to whom she'd once shared joy, completion; but her tattered heart felt beyond redemption, beyond deserving joy ever again. She lived only to avenge her daughter's ruthless slaying.


Gabe Brennan, who lived with the unmitigated blanket of grief and remorse, had his own vendetta: to restore his wife's heart, even if it meant he'd remain forever alone, and destroy the man who crushed her. He used his tenacity and acumen, his CIA trained, powerful body, to defeat evil, as he sought her out of seclusion. He used his staunch devotion and firm loving to penetrate her defenses. His preferred aim: to bring them home from this mission alive. Together.


Kill Shot, alongside its fast paced, tension-filled hunt for a malevolent terrorist, was a journey towards reconciliation. It was primarily Grace's story; but each supporting character's interaction was balanced well, lending credibility and depth to the journey, as well as justifying their vital role in her recovery. At times, needed humor too.


The sexual chemistry was scintillating but was also deeply moving. The sex scenes varied; from fast and furious, to passionate and sensual; always hot, and described with just the right amount of explicit detail.


Like all good spy books, there were gorgeous, über-talented agents, stacked with muscles, brains and the latest savvy technology of course. There was impressive attention to detail particularly concerning the specific complexities of each operation. It felt like you were watching a Die Hard movie, so, I loved it!


Overall, the mixture of, and movement between suspense, tension and romance was flawlessly achieved. Written in third person, Kill Shot kept me engrossed and riveted. The Epilogue will make you groan in frustration, only because you won’t be able to turn the page for me. Sigh. Can the next book please come out tomorrow?



Musing Maddie received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for her honest opinion.

Meet Musing Maddie:

Musing Maddie is an avid reader, who mainly devours all things romance. She loves series, but only when the story warrants a few books rather than one. A strong, intelligent female with a bit of sass and wit is the preferred heroine in the books she reads, and some sizzle between the sheets is welcome too. Well, ok...more than welcome! Well, not just between the sheets is just fine too! She’s from Down Under, so her humor is on the crazy side. Captivating storylines, with well developed plot and yes, hot, hunky Heroes, is definitely a preference, but she loves it when the characters are damaged, and their story brings hope and restoration. Yes please to HEAs!

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Welcome to the blog, Musing Maddie! :) Great review, I'm so glad to hear that you loved this one, it's going on my list! :D

Have you read any of Liliana Hart's previous books? Do you like romantic suspense?



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Red Iza said...

I've read several Liliana Hart novels and have never been disappointed so far ;)

The_Book_Queen said...

Yeah! I'll definitely be pushing her books further up my TBR list then!

KAMEBookReview said...

Welcome Maddie! I have never read one of her suspense - okay it goes on the pile! Great review.

Pat Egan Fordyce said...

Welcome Maddie!! Great review! Don't think I have read anything by Ms. Hart....will have to remedy that!

Musing Maddie said...

Thank you Kame! MM xx

Musing Maddie said...

Thank you Pat!! Very kind of you to comment. I really love Romantic Suspense, so this one was right up my 'favorite genre' alley! MM xx

Musing Maddie said...

I would have to agree with you Red Iza. MM xx

Musing Maddie said...

Oh yes, the ever rising TBR pile! Groan! MM xx

Wickedly Delicious said...

Welcome Maddie. Great review. How I did I miss this. Love Liliana Hart especially her Mackenzie Brothers Series. Cade #6 was my first read and got me hooked on her novels. Love her storyteling with yummy alpha male heroes and the sexy heroines who can go head to head with them. Will be getting this hopefully soon.