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[Pat's Review]: "The Chocolate Thief"

The Chocolate Thief by Laura Florand
Publisher: Kensington (July 31, 2012)
Series: Amour et Chocolat, 1
Genre: Contemporar Romance (Chick Lit)

 The Parisian sorcerer of artisan chocolate, handsome Frenchman Sylvain Marquis, and the American empress of chocolate bars, Cade Corey, play a decadent game of seduction and subterfuge that causes them both to melt with desire.

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Pat's Review:

This novel was recommended by Ruthie Knox on her blog this week.   It looked like a fun read so I grabbed it.  It was way more than a fun read....it was a delight to all my senses! Paris in the fall,  chocolate in all shapes and forms,  a tall brooding chocolatier, and a sassy American billionaire,  a romantic's dream come true.

Cade Corey is in Paris to try and fulfill a personal dream. She is the fourth generation in a family of chocolate makers in the United States.  Cade has  been groomed since childhood to be the heir apparent.  "Chocolate was her business, her heritage.  Her Dad often joked her veins ran the stuff."  Corey Bars  made the family billionaires , and are sold in Walmart for thirty-three cents.  Cade's dream is to make a more sophisticated confection with the name of a French Chocolatier as it's banner. Her first appointment is with Sylvan Marquis.  His reputation is known world wide for his dedication to detail and flavors.

Sylvan Marquis. "Some said he was the top chocolatier in Paris."  He certainly thought so. His  creations sold for one-hundred fifty dollars a pound!

Cade's  and Sylvan's first meeting is a disaster. When she attempts to explain her plan, he shuts her down quickly with rage in his eyes.  Sylvan makes it clear, no amount of money would convince him to put his name on Corey Bars.  Cade is shocked by his arrogance and anger, especially when her first thought about seeing him was...."He's Hot!"  Despite his cold brush off, something about the beautiful business woman sinks in and won't let go. As a teenager Sylvan was a gangly, awkward, long haired boy. He learned quickly that his talent with chocolate was the way to a young girl's heart, as well as other places!

They continue to run into each other frequently, and the banter and sarcasm is very entertaining.  At one point Cade  wonders...." Were all conversations more like fencing matches in Paris or did she and he just have a special relationship."

Ms. Florand's description of the sights and people of Paris is amazing.  I could feel the biting chill, and see the Eiffel Tower through her words.   Sylvan's shop, the scents, the chocolate, his artistry was absolutely amazing.  I was literally drooling after reading some scenes.    She frequently used French words and phrases, often without translation, but I didn't  find it distracting. Just  made me wish I had studied such a beautiful language. 

I finished this book in almost one sitting. I highly recommend it for readers who love romance, traveling and chocolate.  I know  I will be keeping this book for a second read, along with a box of chocolates near by.

 5 Stars!

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Pat bought this book.

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Hi I'm Pat Fordyce. I am a retired pediatric nurse living in coastal North Carolina. Being retired I get to do one of my favorite things .....READ..... I love to read and talk about books, and my reviews are my voice. I also volunteer at our Public Library a few days a week. So glad to be joining The Book Queen's group of guest reviewers.

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Thanks for the great review, Pat! :) Sounds like the perfect sweet read; plus, it would give me an excuse for having a big box of delicious chocolate on hand while reading it... :D

Have you read this series? Do you enjoy chick lit, or do you prefer your romance with a little more..substance to it?


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KAMEBookReview said...

Great job Pat! I love chocolate!

Pat Egan Fordyce said...

Thanks Kame, make sure you have some near by!

Anna@herding cats said...

Sounds great Pat! It's been ages since I read one set in Paris. Thanks for the heads up!

Pat Egan Fordyce said...

Thanks Anna.....don't read it hungry! LOL

Musing Maddie said...

Oh Pat!!! My TBR pile is growing! That sounds like a wonderful book to read. Fabulous review! MM xx