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Interview with Ranae Rose + Bonus Character Interview!

August 20th through August 23rd is going to be un-official Ranae Rose week here on TBQ's Book Palace, to help celebrate her Inked in the Steel City series. Kame reviews all three books, one a day, and on Friday interviews Ranae about the books. Be sure to check back each day for the next post! 

Originally I was going to do a double review for each book with Kame, but, well, life happened, and August rolled around and I realized I hadn't even had time to pick up book 1 yet, little loan consider reading and reviewing all of them. So, sadly, I still haven't read this series, but I plan on still doing so as soon as I get a chance! 

Catch up on the reviews for Hot Ink, Innocent Ink and Dedicated Ink.

And don't forget to revisit the interview Kame and I did with Ranae earlier this year


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Ranae Rose is a best-selling author of over a dozen paranormal, historical and contemporary romances, all of them delightfully steamy. She lives on the US East Coast with her husband, child, dogs, horses and overflowing bookshelves. She spends most of her time letting her very active imagination run wild, penning her next story. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found in the saddle or behind a good book with a cup of tea.

Where to Find Ranae:

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Kame: Ranae, I am so excited we were able to host this Inked in the Steel City event for you this week at TBQ's Book Palace!

Ranae: Thank you for having me.  I had a lot of fun with this interview, especially the in-character questions. J

K: When you look at your body of work you see you write many different types of books. You drew me into the world of MMA with Battered Not Broken (review), it took some encouraging (thanks Colleen!) but I finally gave Inked a try and oh my I loved this storyline.  What made you write about a bunch of tattoo artists?

R: I got the idea for Mina and Eric’s story a couple years ago, and I just had to write Hot Ink (the first book in the Inked in the Steel City Series).  At the time, I didn’t have firm plans to make it into a series, but not long after finishing Hot Ink I realized that I wanted to. As for why the idea for Hot Ink came to me in the first place … it’s kind of hard to pinpoint where my ideas come from, but I think the right tattoo(s) make a hero even sexier, so the concept was appealing to me.

Anymore, there are lots of tattoo romances to choose from. Back in 2011 when Hot Ink came out, there weren’t so many, and I’d never read any, so at the time the idea of a woman falling for the artist who tattoos her seemed kind of novel to me – although now that sounds laughable. LOL

K: They are an eclectic group of people. I know you love them all the same, do you have one character that was a favorite to write?

R: If I did, I’d tell you who, but I don’t think I can choose.

K: Karen is the one character I could really relate to.  I too hate needles, but I have found that since I have started reading about heroes and their tats I have become fascinated by them. Her fascination with tattoos has sort of changed the path of Karen’s life hasn’t it?

R: Definitely. J At least, her fascination with a certain tattooed man certainly has.

K: I have fantasized about a tattoo for myself – something small – and Celtic – maybe a Celtic cross on my shoulder blade.  So how many tattoos do you have?  Does your husband have any?

R: I have one tattoo – it’s on my ribs. I thought I had a super-brilliant idea for another tattoo, and had chosen an artist, but then I found out I was pregnant. They say you’re not supposed to get tattooed while you’re pregnant, so if I get any more tattoos, it won’t be any time in the near future. And yes, my husband does.

K: You know it really surprised me that Abby fell in love with a police officer. Was it important to bring In a character that had no direct connection to Hot Ink?

R: I never really considered having Abby be with someone inside Hot Ink. I don’t see a romantic connection between her and Tyler or James, who are the shop’s only remaining eligible bachelors. I always imagined her with a man in uniform. An artist and a police officer … you know what they say – opposites attract.

K: Actually there are a lot of daring choices in this series. The storyline with Mina’s sister and Jed’s journey to healing his heart after his wife’s death were emotional for me to read. Have you heard from readers?  Do these stories resonate with them?

R: Yes, I’ve heard some encouraging things from readers. One of my favorite things I’ve heard about the series wasn’t sent to me in an e-mail, but something I saw in a reader review at a retailer once. The reader who wrote the review (this was for Hot Ink) was someone who uses a wheelchair and she said that she felt I’d written about it accurately. This meant a lot to me because I don’t actually know what it’s like to use one or to care for a family member who does, but I spent many hours researching and tried to portray it accurately.

Sometimes I read books that contain subject matter that I’m knowledgeable or passionate about, but it’s obvious the author did little or no research and in my opinion it becomes window dressing with no heart or soul, and often no accuracy. I personally find this offensive, so when I write about something that’s totally out of my experience, I worry that I’ll shortchange or offend knowledgeable readers if I don’t try diligently to make my portrayal accurate. So it made me very happy to see that a reader felt I’d done it justice.

K: I was so pleased when you let us know there will be a fourth book in the series – have you met the main character yet, or is it maybe one of the traveling artists that fill in for Abby, any hints you want to give us on what is in store for the series?

R: You’ve already met the main character. ;)

K: Okay Ranae since I interviewed you for TBQ once before, I thought I would do something different for the speed round – I assume your answers might not be all that different only a few months later.  Could you gather the characters from Inked In the Steel City so I can ask them a few questions?

Great to have you all here – Thanks for stopping by.

Abby and Sam, I am a mother of boy/girl twins – mine are twelve now, I remember that first year; how are you all doing? BTW love the names we didn’t go for rhymes or matchy either.

Abby: We’re doing great. We don’t sleep much, but it’s worth it.

Sam: I like to think that rotating shifts have prepared me for parenthood. Of course, sometimes it seems like instead of just being up all night, I’m up all night and all day. Like Abby said though, it’s worth it. Plus, the twins are old enough to laugh and smile now, unlike the newborn stage when they could only cry. It’s cool seeing them start to grow up.

K: Karen how many pictures have you taken of Ethan and Kylie?

Karen: Somewhere in the ballpark of three thousand. That may sound like a lot, but I’ve been doing photo sessions with them every month. I’m getting some great images, and Abby and Sam will have them to treasure forever. Plus, I’ve done some babysitting as a thank-you for letting me take so many photos. Jed helps, too, and I think he secretly loves it. I caught him referring to himself as “Uncle Jed” the other day.

Jed: I don’t see what’s so weird about that. They have to call me something. What else would you suggest?

K: Okay – I could talk twins/babies for a while but let’s get to these speed round questions – feel free to all jump in.

First question – you have a few hours to yourself at home watch something on the DVR or read a book?

Abby: Read.

Sam: Either or would be great. I probably watched more TV than I should’ve before the twins were born, but now I can’t remember the last time Abby or I had a few hours to ourselves.

Karen: Okay, maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I’d choose TV – there’s this new ghost hunting show on and there’s a whole season I haven’t seen yet.

Jed: Sometimes I sit down and watch that ghost-hunting cra—, uh, stuff with Karen. Seeing her get scared is more entertaining than the show itself.

Mina: Book, definitely. Eric got me a Kindle for my birthday and whenever I have a few spare minutes at the shop, I fit in a few pages.

Eric: TV, because Mina won’t share her Kindle – she’s always using it.
This is a book blog so I have to ask what are you reading?

Abby: My sister Natalie let me borrow a Mary Higgins Clark mystery that she says is great, but I’m only about ten pages into it. It’s hard to find time to read with the twins around!

Sam: I bought a baby advice book after Ethan and Kylie were born. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to contain any information on what to do when you’ve got twins and at least one of them is awake at any given time, but sometimes I get desperate and flip through hoping for a magical solution.

Karen: Jed actually got me a book about haunted places in Pennsylvania. I’m pretty sure it was a gag gift, but I’ve read a couple of the stories – they’re creepy.

Jed: Nothing right now, although I’ve considered reading some of those ghost stories out loud to Karen. She likes to lie really close to me when I shut the lights off after she’s been flipping through that book.

Mina: No Flowers Required by Cari Quinn. The heroine runs a flower shop, so I just had to read it.

Eric: Like I said, Mina is pretty stingy with her Kindle. I’ve read a little over her shoulder though when she thought I wasn’t looking. Now I know why when she’s done reading, she always wants to – ahem – spend time together.

K: Perfect vacation – a cabin in the woods, secluded beach or busy city?

Abby: Cabin in the woods – I think that’d be super-romantic, plus I’m so fair that I have to slather on SPF 50 every hour, on the hour, to prevent burning and protect my tattoos at the beach.

Sam: I think a cabin in the woods would be great, too. Sometimes when I’m at work I fantasize about being away from it all.

Karen: The beach! It’s been forever since I’ve been to the beach. Someday, I’d like to visit the Caribbean.

Jed: The beach is fine with me – I’d get to see Karen in a bikini.

Mina: I’ve lived in a lot of different cities, so I’d have to say the cabin or the beach. My first real vacation was the honeymoon Eric and I took after our wedding – we went to the Poconos. I’d love to do that again sometime.

Eric: I’d love to head back to the mountains with Mina sometime, too.

K: You wake up and all your tattoos are gone. What is the first tat you have done, where on your body and who is the artist? This can be a new never done tat or one you currently have.

Abby: My Amethyst Fox half-sleeve. I’d have it redone by the same artist.

Sam: My newest tattoo – the one on my arm with Abby, Kylie and Ethan’s names. Of course I’d have Abby do it again.

Karen: I only have one tattoo. It’s on my shoulder and it means a lot to me. I’d have Jed re-do it, though it would mean facing my fear of needles again!

Jed: My newest one, on my ribs – it’s a good reminder to have. I’d ask Eric to do it, just like last time.

Mina: I can’t stand the thought of my sidepiece being gone – it took so long, and hurt so bad. Plus, it means so much to me – my little sister Jess designed it, and I’d never have met Eric if it wasn’t for that tattoo. But if it did disappear, I’d want it redone, and I think it goes without saying that I’d choose the same artist.

Eric: I’m thinking of getting a new tattoo. Something to commemorate my new life with Mina. I haven’t decided on the exact design yet, though.

K: Not counting your own, which Inked In The Steel City book is your favorite.

Abby: It’s hard to choose when I care about everyone I work with so much. I’m hoping Tyler and James get their own stories, because they could both use some help in the romance department. Don’t tell them I said that.

Sam: I’m kind of the newcomer to the group, and things have been so busy with Abby’s pregnancy and the twins that I haven’t had a chance to read the others yet.

Karen: I have to say Mina and Eric’s, of course – Mina is my best friend, and seeing her find the perfect person to spend the rest of her life with was great. And for the record, I totally agree with what Abby said about Tyler and James.

Jed: I’m not sure I’m qualified to judge. If you’ve read my story, you know that I’m not exactly a romance expert. I lucked out with Karen.

Mina: Karen’s and Jed’s, since Karen is my best friend, though Abby and I hit it off as soon as I started working at Hot Ink, too.

Eric: I think everyone at Hot Ink was glad when Jed found someone.

Kame: I want to thank you all for a great Inked In The Steel City event – I had a lot of fun talking about these books, and I had even more fun talking with everyone today. Ranae thank you so much for taking time during this busy time in your life to stop by, good luck and we can’t wait to highlight more Ranae Rose books on TBQ's Book Palace! 

For more information on all three books in this series, please see these links: 

Hot Ink

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Thanks so much for stopping by today, Ranae! Wonderful interview, Kame, and I especially enjoyed the quick character interview at the end--well done! :)

I personally cannot wait to read this series; I'm a sucker for tatts on my heroes, and, like I've said before, the covers for all three books are simply gorgeous! :D 

And Ranae has a question for you!

If you could have any tattoo (be it a new one or your first one) what
would it be?


Until Next Time,


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Ranae Rose said...

Thanks so much Kame and The Book Queen for putting this together and hosting me this week. I had a lot of fun with the interview, especially the character questions. :)

Anna@herding cats said...

How fun. I haven't read one with a tattoo artist yet but have been enjoying the reviews on here this past week and am so going to try them out :)

Kame said...

Anna - they are great - Start with Book 1 - they can definitely be read independently, but you will love all three!

Donna Daggs Mixon said...

I love this series! And as a woman that was very close to her grandmother Karen's book touched my heart!

Ranae Rose said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed Innocent Ink, Donna. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Ranae Rose said...

Thanks for stopping by, Anna! :)

The_Book_Queen said...

Donna-- I, too, am very close to my grandmother; hearing that this book touched you for that reason makes me want to read it even more! :)