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[Kame's Review]: "Cowboy Seeks Bride"

Cowboy Seeks Bride by Carolyn Brown
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (August 6, 2013)
Series: Spikes and Spurs, 7
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

He's tough as nails and ready to ride...

Rancher Dewar O'Donnell is just an old-fashioned cowboy at heart, and he can't wait to reenact the historic Chisholm Trail ride with his buddies. The trial-run cattle drive for a reality TV show sounds like a great time - until H.B. McKay pulls up in her slick red sports car.

She's way out of her element...

Haley McKay is a feisty, high-powered businesswoman with the power suit and stiletto heels to prove it. She's keen to research her company's hot new idea for a reality TV show - but mount up with a bunch of modern-day cowboys? Are they kidding?

It's too late to back out now, so Haley sets out to prove that it will take more than snakes, storms, and stampedes to make her back down.

Besides, sleeping under the stars with Dewar O'Donnell could prove mighty interesting...

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Kame's Review:

Dewar has been approached by a reality television series about reenacting the Chishom trail ride. Since it will give him and some fellow cowboys a chance to go back in time and slow down he jumps at the chance to take a producer from the television station on the ride to flush out episode ideas for this new reality show; he and the cowboys are all ready to go all they need is for H.B. McKay to arrive and he should be arriving any time now.  Funny thing when H.B. arrives he isn’t a he but a SHE!

Something changed when she went into the barn to take off that fancy black suit. She left a businesswoman with an attitude; she’d come back a woman with a purpose and that was by far scarier than a woman with an attitude.

Dewar is a great modern cowboy. He is not a love’m and leave’m guy.  He wants a woman who can handle ranch life and wants forever. He may be wealthy but running his ranch is what he prefers to do, rather than being out every night in a big city. Hayley is bound and determined to show her father she is capable of doing the field work necessary to make a television show happen. If she falls off the horse (and in the case of the first chapter she really did) she will get back on – no matter the task. During the weeks on the cattle drive she not only plans some great things for the reality show cast, she learns some things about herself too.

“He asked me out to dinner when we get back,” she said. “What if he don’t like me in my high heels and fancy clothes?”

Coosie laughed again. “Way he’s been lookin’ at you I don’t reckon you’ve got a lot to worry about. Darlin’, the heart, it don’t have ears or eyes, but it does know what it wants. And once it feels something that is its soul mate, then it don’t rest until it has that person for all eternity.”

This is not my first Carolyn Brown book, but so far it is my favorite. This title is the last book in the series, and I never felt lost; something that can not always be said when you only read the last book in a series. It is a great stand alone book.  You expect the hero and heroine to be great characters; however the secondary characters are fantastic too. The plot of a reality show set following this cattle run was fantastic and I really enjoyed the glimpse at history (even if fictional) within a contemporary romance. 

Great unique plot, vivid description of scenery, and engaging dialogue; everything I look forward to in a great book. And something I have come to expect from Carolyn Brown – I will continue to find her cowboy inspired books and devour each one!



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Thanks for the review, Kame! :) I'm definitely adding this series to my list, I love a good cowboy hero! :D 

Have you read any of Carolyn Brown's books? Do you have a favorite? 


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Carolyn Brown said...

Thank you! Thank you for the awesome review! You have flat out made my day and given me an ego trip that will last a whole week. Haley, Dewar and I are all doing the happy dance!

Pat Egan Fordyce said...

We love our Cowboys, don't we Kame? Looks like a great read! Thanks for the great review!

Kame said...

You are very welcome!

Kame said...

We DO!