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[Kame's Review]: "Hot Pursuit"

Hot Pursuit by Lynn Raye Harris
Publisher: Lynn Raye Harris (July 22, 2013)
Series: Hostile Operations Team, 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance (Military/Suspense)

The last man she ever wanted to see…
Might be the only one who can save her…
Things are about to get HOT in the bayou!

Evie Baker’s luck just ran out. Thanks to an ex-partner with organized crime ties, she’s lost her restaurant, her money, and nearly all her self-respect. Forced to return to her hometown and work as a shampoo girl in her mother’s salon, she doesn’t think her luck can get any worse.

But then someone starts shooting at her, her sullen baby sister is suddenly missing, and the high school heartthrob who stole her heart—and her virginity—is the only man big enough and bad enough to help.

Captain Matt “Richie Rich” Girard can’t afford to get involved. He’s already on the verge of a court-martial after a Top Secret op gone wrong, and he’s been ordered to stay out of trouble while he’s home for his sister’s wedding.

But when Evie’s ex-partner turns up dead, staying out of trouble is the last thing on Matt’s mind. He failed Evie once before; he can’t fail her again. If he’s going to protect her from a killer, and find her sister before time runs out, he’ll have to risk his entire future—and both their lives—to do it.

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Kame's Review:

Evie and Matt grew up together in the small town of Rochambeau. They had been friends in their youth, but grew apart as they got older. Matt left for a military career; he is a member of the military’s elite Hostile Operations team. Evie left town as fast as she could and became a chef. She would have stayed away too if her business partner hadn’t stolen from her; after selling everything and paying all the debts she was left with nothing, so she came home to be the shampoo girl in her mother’s hair salon. Imagine her surprise when Matt walks in the door one afternoon looking for a haircut before his sister’s wedding. It doesn’t seem like he can sit back and enjoy some R&R before the wedding though, Evie’s little sister has been kidnapped!

Evie and Matt have deep feelings for each other, but Evie has some deep pain associated with the last time she saw Matt; pain he has no idea he had a part in. This pain is so deep Evie does not have any happy memories of her hometown and can’t wait to save enough money to leave again. But deep in her heart there is still love for Matt. It would have been easy for Evie to loathe Matt, and then this book could be the tired cliché of hero works to get his lost love to love him again. In this book Evie from the beginning admits she shoulders some of the blame.  Matt is just a perfect specimen of military hero hotness with a little MacGyver thrown in (he is home for his sister’s wedding, this wasn’t a planned op!). While Evie is trying to live down the past, Matt is also trying to emotionally manage the feelings and regrets he has from his last operation, where failing to follow his gut caused the deaths of two men. The prologue of this book was excellent and that feeling of loss and failure set the tone of Matt’s inner fight so well.

“Stay on my six,” he said, nuzzling the hair at her ear and breathing deeply the sweet scent of her. “You remember what that is, right?”

“It’s your ass.”

He bit back a chuckle.

“Yeah, that’s right. You watch my ass and I’ll watch yours. That’s how a team operates, got it?”

“So we’re a team, huh?”

“We’re a team.”

“Then let’s go get ‘em.”

“Easy, tiger. We’re going through the back door, but only after we’ve set up a perimeter.”

“Lead on, Superman.”

Matt bit back another laugh. “It’s Richie Rich, actually.”


“My team name. Richie Rich.”

He saw the flash of her teeth in the darkness.

“Of course it is.”

I love romantic suspense, and this book was a five star on both parts. The suspense kept my heart pumping and the romance kept it pattering. Evie and Matt are strong characters, but we meet some of Matt’s teammates that I hope will be the heroes of future Hostile Operations books. And maybe if we can catch a glimpse of Evie and Matt’s continued love story too!

  5 STARS!


Kame received a copy of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for her honest opinion.

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Thanks for the review, Kame! :) Ooh, this one sounds soooo good, I love the quote AND the cover! It's on my list now, thanks for sharing!

Do you like romantic suspense? Who doesn't love a little military romance, no matter what form it comes in!


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Wickedly Delicious said...

Kame great review. I love a good romantic suspense the has a good mixture of the mix. Funny and cute quote thanks for sharing. I think I got this from NetGalley too.

Kame said...

Wicked - just read it now if you have it - it is SOO good. I am so happy Lynn had the chance to publish it. There are so many more funny parts, and HOT scenes. You know me I only give you a snippet so not to spoil. Thanks for stopping by!

Sharonda Lowman said...

lovely review & I love the cover on this one.

Anna@herding cats said...

Oh yah new author for me to try out and damn yeah that cover. Whew. Thanks for the heads up Kame!