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[Kame's Review]: "Slow Summer Burn"

Slow Summer Burn by Elisabeth Barrett
Publisher: Loveswept (August 12, 2013) 
Series: Star Harbor, 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Val Grayson has been a strong, steady presence in his younger brothers’ lives. Now that the other Grayson men have settled down, Val is able to focus on himself … and he has gorgeous, privileged Cameron Stahl in his sights. Cam has just opened her second antique store in Star Harbor and is more than receptive to sexy-as-sin Val’s advances. But Cam’s family isn’t too keen on their precious daughter dating a DEA agent. It’ll be up to Val to convince Cam–and himself–that he’s worth it. And man, is he worth it!

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Val Grayson is the oldest of the Grayson brothers. When his father died when he was still a teenager he took on the responsibility of helping raise his brothers with his mother, and he has kept that responsibility for the past 20 years. He may work in Boston for the DEA, but Star Harbor is home. Will he ever find someone who would fit into his life and love his hometown as much as he does?  Val feels a connection with Cameron Stahl, but she is from a life of privilege and is younger; he could never give her the life she is accustomed to; but does it matter?

This was it. The very thing she’d been missing all her life. Passion.

It is hard to truly convey how much I enjoyed this book. I felt warm and comfortable like I was hanging out with old friends around a table sharing stories of our lives.  Val has been a favorite character of mine, he was a great support for his brother Cole in Long Simmering Spring, but I fell in love with him in this book.  I identified with Val on a few levels. The love and pride he feels for his brothers is evident. He has truly taken on the role of parent now that his parents have passed. It is the one thing he takes more seriously than his job. There can only be one woman who would be a perfect match for him, someone self-confident and rather independent; both traits Cameron has in spades.  Cam may have come from a life of privilege but she knows what hard work feels like and she prefers to spend time with close friends to society functions. Val and Cam work so well – they are so different but their cores are the same. By finding each other they found the one person who down to their soul understands without needing to explain.  I found their road to love sweet.  True to all Star Harbor books, this book has some suspense, and a healthy dose of steamy scenes. The ongoing theme of the Loreiei continues. The Grayson brothers and their lovely leading ladies all make appearances. 

As they took turns sipping from the straw, he couldn’t help but feel like a high school kid on a date. God, she made him feel young --- a very, very dangerous thing. Because now that he’d gotten a taste of her sweetness, experienced how she made him feel, he didn’t know how he was going to settle for anything else.

Sadly Val is the last of the Grayson brothers; there is not another Grayson brother with their own story to come. Maybe we will get a glimpse at a character showing up for a cameo in another Elisabeth Barrett book or maybe a novella giving us a peak at weddings to come (pretty please!) I enjoyed my time in Star Harbor immensely. Elisabeth Barrett is now one of my go to authors.

A wonderful read, no matter the time of the year! 



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Pat Egan Fordyce said...

Great review Kame. I definitely appreciated Val a lot more after reading his story. I'm with you, we need MORE!
Cole is still my guy though.

Kame said...

Thanks Pat! More Cole or Val is fine by me!