Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lusting for Covers (143)

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Here's my candidate for the week:

True For You by Marquita Valentine
Publication Date: October 2013
Series: Boys of the South, 3
Genre: New Adult Contemporary

For country music bad boy, Jaxon Hunter, failure has never been an option, especially with an abusive father who controls his entire career. But when Jaxon's efforts to win back the girl that got away end up with him helping his rival, he concedes defeat— and sneaks away to Charleston, South Carolina to lick his wounds. 

Only Jaxon wasn’t counting on the seamstress for the band driving the getaway car.

She may not have finished high school, but Bliss Davenport graduated with honors from the school of hard knocks. Four years ago, after barely surviving the most terrifying ordeal of her life, she ran away from home and never looked back. 

Bliss is stunned when she wakes up married to the famous Jaxon Hunter. It only gets worse when she realizes he doesn’t even remember the ceremony. 

While Bliss struggles to reconcile herself with the two sides of the man she’s falling in love with—sweet, thoughtful and humble--- or the character he plays on stage—arrogant, selfish and prideful, Jaxon’s battling his own demons, unsure who he wants to be, other than free. 

Then just as the two of them start to learn to trust again, the past makes its way to the present, threatening their relationship. Threatening to suck them both back to where they were before, without each other.

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Um, besides the fact that it's Marquita Valentine and I *heart* her books? :) I love this series, cannot wait for Jaxon's book (just finished Only For You, and will be reviewing it soon). As with all Marquita's covers, the pose is sexy, yet sweet. 

What cover are you currently lusting for? Tell me, I want to know! Follow the directions above on how to post your own Lusting for Covers, and leave a comment telling me what you think of the cover for True For You?


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Wickedly Delicious said...

Oh love the cover yes sexy and sweet I agree. Funny how I am not big on chest hair but I do love some facial hair and his is perfect. I still have yet to read Twice Tempted (Holland Springs~ Book 1) . I enjoyed her writing in Seduction of the Billionaire. Have yet to try this series and excited got Live for You (Boys Of The South #1) on sale $0.99 at Amazon just now. Thanks for sharing the upcoming release in this series.

Have a beautiful dayMy L4C

Trish Dechant said...

TBQ~ Whoops...I left my comment on the wrong post on your site. My bad. Apparently, I need more coffee. :)

Great choice for this week...have to check it out. I've seen the cover floating around out there in the blog world.

Here is my L4C:

Hope you have a great Sunday! Sorry I've been MIA lately--I've moved but still not completely settled in the house yet. Much more to do, but I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Melody May said...

I can't wait for this book. Oh my gosh. This is a great cover, but I do love Marquita too.

The_Book_Queen said...

With Marquita, you can never go wrong! :)

The_Book_Queen said...

Hehe. I've had my days like that lately. A truck load of coffee and a barrel of chocolate and perhaps I'm ready to tackle the day. LOL
Definitely check out this series if you haven't already--wow!
Here's hoping things calm down and allow you to finish settling in. We'll be waiting for when you return fully. :)

The_Book_Queen said...

Oh, you *must* read TT soon! :) And all her other books. If you enjoy Live For You, then you will LOVE their sequel, Only For You (as well as this one, when it comes out I'm sure). )

Kame said...

I have to read more of her books

The_Book_Queen said...

Oh, you must, I really think you would like them! :)

The_Book_Queen said...

Yes-I bow down to you, forever greatful that you did! :)

Red Iza said...

I haven't read Marquito so far but I heard a lot of good about her :)

The_Book_Queen said...

Like I told Kame, you must try her books! :)

Melody May said...

Lol. I know. I'm the one who pointed you to Marquita. Her books are awesome.