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[Musing Maddie's Review]: "Fighting For You"

Fighting For You by Sydney Landon
Publisher: InterMix (October 15, 2013) 
Series: Danvers, 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Ella Webber has spent years uncomfortable around the opposite sex... 
But as soon as she meets handsome Declan Stone, she is smitten. Quickly they become friends, finding frequent reasons to see each other around the office, and Ella longs for even more. So-with a little help from her friends-Ella resorts to performing a little seduction. One that Declan will never be able to resist.

Burdened by emotional baggage from his time in the army, Declan refuses to believe he's the right man for sweet Ella. Even if she makes him long for normal things, like marriage and family....But in his attempts to close off his heart from her love, could he have underestimated Ella's powers of persuasion?

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Musing Maddie's Review:

If you have ventured into the Danvers International world of fabulous author, Sydney Landon, you will not want to miss this next installment. Fighting For You was wonderful. It had all the magic that is known for Landon's writing: loveable characters, plausible plot and storyline, sizzling sex scenes, and the well placed touches of clever wit, that will cause you to laugh out loud, often.

If you are up to date on 'the story so far', you will appreciate the romance between sweet and trusting Ella, and her lust for sexy, broody Declan. This was a heartfelt story about redemption. Declan didn't feel worthy of Ella's shining kindness, and for a while throughout the story, the reader will be left wondering whether her love will actually be enough to repair this troubled man's guilty soul. (Of course, I am not going to tell you what happens - you will just have to read it!)

Supporting cast were used brilliantly to not only continue to story of their lives, but also offer a platform for Ella to share her feelings and concerns, and, cough, her de-flowering. Suzy! There are no words! She adds so much fun and mischief. I adore her.

In some ways, I feel Landon could have given more detail into whether or not Declan was the super-stud, they all believed him to be. But, maybe I am just a greedy reader, always wanting more.

There were many ingenious twists and turns in Fighting For You, that will keep the reader from believing this is a completely predictable story. I loved that. There was also a deeply poignant aspect to the story, which brought tears to my eyes.

So, what better could you want in a contemporary romance? Hot Hero, sweet, feisty heroine, wonderful supporting cast, twisty and sexy plot, and of course, the teaser to get you back for more. I adore this series, and cannot wait (again) until the next installment.



Musing Maddie received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for her honest opinion.


Meet Musing Maddie:

Musing Maddie is an avid reader, who mainly devours all things romance. She loves series, but only when the story warrants a few books rather than one. A strong, intelligent female with a bit of sass and wit is the preferred heroine in the books she reads, and some sizzle between the sheets is welcome too. Well, ok...more than welcome! Well, not just between the sheets is just fine too! She’s from Down Under, so her humor is on the crazy side. Captivating storylines, with well developed plot and yes, hot, hunky Heroes, is definitely a preference, but she loves it when the characters are damaged, and their story brings hope and restoration. Yes please to HEAs!

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Thanks for the review, MM! I love the cover on this one, and I am glad to hear you enjoyed it so much! 

Have you read Sydney Landon yet? Do you have a favorite book of hers?


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Kame said...

Wow - this looks good - how have I missed this? What book should I start with?

Lover Of Romance said...

I just love the cover, and it sounds like a sweet romance. I do love any book that can bring out a emotional response. Thanks for sharing!! :)