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[Kame's Review]: "Can't Stop Lovin' You"

Can't Stop Lovin' You by Lynnette Austin
Publisher: Forever Yours (February 4, 2014)
Series: Maverick Junction, 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance

She's the only dream he wants . . . Hometown girl Maggie Sullivan can't wait to get out of Maverick Junction. Designing the wedding gown of the year for her friend-and America's Favorite Heiress-is the break Maggie's been waiting for. But her lifelong dream takes an unexpected turn when she runs into her high school sweetheart-now the town's hotter-than-hot veterinarian. Brawley Odell, country right down to the tips of his cowboy boots, has returned to take over the local animal doctor's practice. But the real reason he's in town is that he's never stopped thinking about the fiery green-eyed beauty who once captured his heart . . 

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Kame's Review:

Brawley loved Maggie. He loved her for a long time. Ten years ago he thought he did the right thing by breaking off their relationship as a way to encourage her to follow her dream of becoming a big designer. Now Brawley came back to their small hometown hoping he could start again with the only woman he loved; but as he moves home and buys the vet practice he finds out Maggie is moving to NYC.

Brawley, the name just invokes handsome, strong cowboy to me. He is a loving son and a dedicated friend. He is someone I would like to be around. I found his career as a vet to be perfect to his personality. He could be tough and gentle. I found his undying love for Maggie romantic and I believe that he felt he did what was right ten years ago. Sometimes I couldn’t believe how patient he was with her, even when she was beyond rude. The perfect example of his character could be summed up in his interaction with his dog Marvin.

I loved the fire of independence that made up Maggie. She always wanted to design clothes that women would want to wear. She created her own little niche in her small town and luck found her when she designed a dress for an influential friend. It was also her love of family and friends that spoke to my heart. She was devoted to her grandfather, parents and all her friends in town.

“Have dinner with me tonight,” Brawley blurted

She looked down at the floor. “I can’t.”

“Can’t or won’t?”

“Does it matter?” She met his gaze.

“Yes, actually, it does.” A muscle worked in his jaw. It did matter to him. A whole hell of a lot.

“I won’t.”

Those two words, delivered so succinctly sucker-punched him. Still, he tried. “Maggie all that was a long time ago.”

“Yes. It was. And I need to keep it that way.” She closed the door quietly behind her.

Yep, he’d been right. He’d waited too long to come home.

Maggie’s inability to move past the hurt of ten years previous was a constant theme of this book. Honestly I don’t know why Brawley ever didn’t give up completely. There were times Maggie would give in to the attraction and others she would be downright mean. Through it all Brawley was just patient, as if he knew in his heart they would eventually end up together. Most of Maggie’s ill feelings towards Brawley stemmed from an event in her past that she holds Brawley to task for; this plot area frustrated me as it all fed from a secret Maggie kept from him. Not a favorite plot point of mine. The resolution of this conflict seemed real and true. Secondary characters and subplots were wonderful and allowed me to become immersed in this small town.

This book is third in the author’s Maverick Junction series. I have not read the other two but I am intrigued and will put them on my TBR pile.

  4 STARS!

Kame received an e-copy of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for her honest opinion.

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Thanks for the review, Kame! :) I'm putting this series on my list!

Let's be honest -- do you like the secret baby plots? Have you read Lynnette Austin before? 


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