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[Musing Maddie's Review]: "Falling Again"

Falling Again by Peggy Bird
Publisher: Crimson Romance (January 27, 2014) 
Series: Second Chances, 6
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Investigative reporter Fiona McCarthy is following a hot story. Rumor has it a white supremacist group, financed by the deep pockets of a local businessman, is moving into Portland. In Washington, D.C., to attend a wedding, she wants to find out if her connections on Capitol Hill can give her leads to find the name of that person. 

Nick St. Claire is an internationally known photojournalist. He’s also the “baby brother” of Fiona’s good friend, Amanda. Just back from a rough overseas assignment, he runs into Fiona on his home turf in DC and decides to follow up on their meeting six months before in Portland. 

In spite of her doubts about his motives and her irritation at the rather large dose of self-confidence he possesses, Fiona goes to dinner with him. One dinner turns into two, which becomes a weekend in his bed. Back home in Portland, she writes Nick off as a bit of fun on vacation and buries herself in her story. Then Nick arrives in Portland on assignment and makes it obvious he wants more than a fling. 

But when her story and his assignment dangerously intersect at a mysterious cabin in the Mt. Hood National Forest, their relationship is tested. Can their feelings for each other survive her need to get the story and his to frame the perfect shot? Or will the bad guys wreck not only the peace of laid-back Portland but also the chance of happily-ever-after for Nick and Fiona?

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Musing Maddie's Review:

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love Peggy Bird's writing. Her attention to detail. Her depth of emotion. Her very real and believable characters. Everything. Stunning. Falling Again was another example of excellence.

Two career-focused characters attempt to dodge inevitable love. It's not an original plot line, but with the enviable ability to create enthralling and captivating stories, you will love Falling Again. The two main characters became embroiled in a cleverly constructed and detailed story involving a white supremacist group, financed by the deep pockets of a local businessman in Portland, Oregon.

Bird's strength includes credible, witty and fast-paced dialogue. I thoroughly enjoyed the repartee between gorgeous, persistent and sexy photojournalist, Nick St Claire, and sassy, level-headed and beautiful investigative reporter, Fiona McCarthy. He had never really considered love, whereas she had had her self-confidence shattered by a former beau. His interest confused her. Her genuine beauty and friendship beguiled him. Their journey was sweet but also very emotional. Yes, it made me cry. Sop!

Falling Again was a light suspense romance. Bird balanced the two superbly providing a wonderful romance, an intriguing mystery, and a terrific addition to a much-loved series. I often want to dig a little deeper into the suspense aspect, but that is me.

The six books of the Second Chances series could be read as standalone books, but I highly recommend you start from the beginning, Beginning Again, if you haven't already read the others. The calibre of writing and the stories themselves are fabulous.

     5 STARS!


Musing Maddie received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for her honest opinion.


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Musing Maddie is an avid reader, who mainly devours all things romance. She loves series, but only when the story warrants a few books rather than one. A strong, intelligent female with a bit of sass and wit is the preferred heroine in the books she reads, and some sizzle between the sheets is welcome too. Well, ok...more than welcome! Well, not just between the sheets is just fine too! She’s from Down Under, so her humor is on the crazy side. Captivating storylines, with well developed plot and yes, hot, hunky Heroes, is definitely a preference, but she loves it when the characters are damaged, and their story brings hope and restoration. Yes please to HEAs!

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Thanks for the review, MM! I really must read Peggy's books; the covers for this series are great, and I know you've loved all of them!

Have you read Peggy Bird before? Do you have a favorite?


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