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[Musing Maddie's Review]: "Fighting for Irish"

Fighting for Irish by Gina L.  Maxwell
Publisher: Entangled: Brazen (January 13, 2014) 
Series: Fighting for Love, 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Kat MacGregor has forty-eight hours to make good on the debt her ex-boyfriend owes a crime boss. Unfortunately, the measly tips she makes waitressing are barely enough for her to live on, much less cover the twenty-thousand needed to keep her breathing. With time running out, Kat 's forced to accept help from the only man who's ever made her feel fire rather than fear.

When he learns a friend's sister is in trouble, former Boston MMA fighter Aiden "Irish" O'Brien heads to Louisiana to offer himself up as collateral to keep her safe. But to satisfy the debt, he has to do the one thing he swore hed never do again: fight. With more than just money on the line, will Irish have what it takes to not only reclaim the man he once was, but become the man he needs to be for the woman he can't live without?

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Musing Maddie's Review:

Congratulations Gina Maxwell on an incredible read in Fighting for Irish. Not only was the story utterly captivating and difficult to put down, it was passionate, deeply moving and at times, sizzling.

Taking on issues such as the devastating consequence of a sexually abused teenager is not an easy task, but one that was handled sensitively, intelligently and impressively. Maxwell's heroine, Kat MacGregor, was gutsy, guarded, courageous but damaged and alone, with solid walls of distrust firmly entrenched in her heart. She was also on the run and in fear of her life, due to the poor choices of her recent past. Admirably selfless, she was a character I could not but love.

Aiden "Irish" O'Brien was your predictable broken, sexy and brooding Hero. You will love his compassion, strength, faithfulness and empathise with his deep-seated self-loathing and self-imposed exile from family and friends. His gentleness with Kat will no doubt cause you to swoon, but there was a delicious alpha male in there who made his appearance on more than one occasion throughout the story. Yum.

The plausible and arresting story arc was only part of the appeal of Fighting for Irish for me. The stunning writing, with the tale being told in both Irish and Kat's POV, the strong character development and the impressive detail, enabled the story to tick many boxes. Although this is the third book in the Fighting for Love series, it can be read as a standalone. It is a darker, heavier read from the first two in the series, which suited the heroine and Hero's stories completely. So, for a lighter read, or just to understand the backstory, definitely go back to the beginning. You will love meeting delectable Reid and Jax.

     5 STARS!


Musing Maddie received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for her honest opinion.


Meet Musing Maddie:

Musing Maddie is an avid reader, who mainly devours all things romance. She loves series, but only when the story warrants a few books rather than one. A strong, intelligent female with a bit of sass and wit is the preferred heroine in the books she reads, and some sizzle between the sheets is welcome too. Well, ok...more than welcome! Well, not just between the sheets is just fine too! She’s from Down Under, so her humor is on the crazy side. Captivating storylines, with well developed plot and yes, hot, hunky Heroes, is definitely a preference, but she loves it when the characters are damaged, and their story brings hope and restoration. Yes please to HEAs!

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Thanks for the review, MM! I'm very much looking forward to reading this series myself! :)

Don't forget, book 1 (Seducing Cinderella) and Fighting for Irish are both still on sale for only $0.99! Hurry and grab your copies! 

Have you read Gina L. Maxwell before? Do you enjoy a MMA fighter hero?


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Red Iza said...

I'm so glad i'll be reading it soon, it's on my kindle :D

Kame said...

I have this book and want to read it so bad...hmmm I think I missed Book 2 - do I need to read it first? Which one was it?

The_Book_Queen said...

Book 2:

I have FfI, picked it up for $0.99, but I think I'll wait until book 2 goes on a sale, grab it, and then finish the series.

The_Book_Queen said...

:) If you read it before I do, you must let me know what you think of it, too!