Tuesday, April 1, 2014

300 Likes Winners!

I've announced the winner on the blog's Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

The winners from the 300 Likes Giveaway have been picked via Rafflecopter!

The winners will each receive a either an ebook of their choice (INT), a print book from BookDepository (US/INT), or a print book from my giveaway box (US).

Missy Brooks


Celes Cao!

Congrats, ladies! As all of you provided your email addresses, I have sent an email to each of you. If you do not reply to the emails within 48 hours of them being sent, new winners will be sent, as per the original rules!

Remember, I don't always announce in a blog post like this, but I always announce on the blog FB page, Twitter page, in the original post's comment section, and by attempting to email the winner (if they leave an email address), so.....Be sure to follow the blog on one of those sites, and you'll never miss out!


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