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[Kame's Review]: "Fractured"

Fractured by Leanne Pearson
Publisher: Leanne Pearson (May 16, 2014)
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance

For twenty three year old Katrina Smith, the events of one day irrevocably changed her life.

Life in Christchurch, New Zealand, couldn't have been better. She was in love with a wonderful man, had a job she enjoyed, and had her life mapped out before her...

What dawned as a typical summer’s day, changed into a day of devastation and overwhelming loss. An insidious danger lay beneath the benign land surface, seismic tension, like a ticking time-bomb, was counting down to a catastrophe. And Kate and her boyfriend, Daniel, were in its path. It took mere seconds for the world to be ripped out from under her. Suddenly, Kate was deluged by a vortex of Post Traumatic Stress, guilt and crippling anguish.

Dominic Dell’Antonio, an American marine working in New Zealand, was a man hiding from his own demons which lurked behind depthless blue eyes that read so much, yet yielded so little. He kept himself aloof and isolated. Nightmares regularly plagued him.

As Kate slipped under a suffocating wave of heartache, she blocks out the world behind self imposed walls, drowning in the torrents of grief. Quiet, yet commanding, Dominic connects with Kate on some inexplicably deeper level. He wants to protect her. He wants to make her his.

Two damaged and guarded souls drawn together through tragic circumstances. Two lonely hearts drawn to one another to find comfort.

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Kame's Review:

Your life could change any minute. Kate and Daniel were spending a lazy morning together; they just walked out of a movie at the local cinema when Kate’s life changed forever. A massive earthquake begins and Daniel’s main concern is Kate’s safety. In the end his last act on earth was to push her to safety.

Kate is understandably crushed by this event and the death of Daniel. There is a scene right after the earthquake when she sees the building; Leanne Pearson wrote it so poignantly that I had to put the book down after I read it because I felt I was invading Kate’s privacy. Everyone can understand her despair; but what was done so well was her road to recovery. Some authors who are more concerned with the romance part would have her heal fast; find love and move forward. Kate stumbles along her healing and does some things that would inhibit that healing – that is what made this book so real to me. Dom could identify with Kate right away; and I enjoyed how that slowly became apparent in the book.  Yes Dom seems to be a take charge Marine, but he is so sensitive and caring it melted my heart. He completely understood the importance of Daniel in Kate’s life.

This book is written with a great depth of emotion; the journey Kate takes to healing has hills and valleys and I am so happy I had the pleasure of reading this. It just pulls at your heartstrings; I didn’t make it through without a tear in my eye at parts. Leanne Pearson walked a tight line on this one. Too much emotion would just make it one of those sappy books people just can’t get through, too little and we would not get the full depth of these characters. There was also some realism to it; I had to remind myself that this was a work of fiction. Yes the tragic loss of life due to this earthquake did happen, but this was not a non-fiction account of Kate’s struggle back to happiness.

Wow; that is what I said to myself when I finished this book. I just sat there and thought about it and knew I couldn’t put my thoughts into a review right away. I had to let it grow. A good book makes you think and this book made me wonder if I would be able to find happiness again like Kate did.

Even though Leanne Pearson treated us to a complete HEA for Kate and Dom I didn’t want my time with them to end. I am not even sure it has been started but Leanne Pearson’s next book is on my TBR pile!


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Kame received an e-ARC of this book from the editor in exchange for her honest opinion.

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Thanks for the review, Kame! :)

Okay, confession time: I read Fractured as well. I can see many of the points Kame made in her review. However . . . the book did not work for me. I believe that this was due more to my mood at the time, which was greatly influenced by a LOT of shitty things going on in my life. 

But I agree with Kame; Pearson included a lot of great emotion in this book, so be prepared for that! 

What was the last emotional book you read?


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Pat Egan Fordyce said...

The last really emotional book that made me cry was Honor Reclaimd. I still can't get it out of my head!

KAMEBookReview said...

Pat this one is wonderful -