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[Review]: "Shattered"

Shattered by Tracy Wolff
Publisher: Flirt (May 20, 2014)
Series: Extreme Risk, 2
Genre: NA Contemporary -- Sports

The Extreme Risk series—Tracy Wolff’s edgy, emotional take on the New Adult genre—continues with the story of a lost soul and the fearless beauty who inspires him to take a flying leap back into life.

Ash Lewis has poured every last ounce of his blood, sweat, and tears into reaching the very top of the professional snowboarding world—until the unthinkable happens. After the biggest competition win of his career, Ash’s mother and father are killed in a tragic accident. Unable to handle the idea of going back out on the snow to pursue the dream his parents shared with him, Ash feels that he has no choice but to walk away from snowboarding forever. Then he meets Tansy Hampton.

Wild, fun, and impulsive, Tansy has a different look and a new passion every week. As a cancer survivor who spent the past several years waiting to die, Tansy has a fresh perspective on life—even if she doesn’t have a clue about what she actually wants to do with it. But she’s determined to find out, and that means making the most of her time while she still can.

From the very beginning, their chemistry is intense. But while Ash can’t stop chasing the ghosts of what can never be, Tansy stays firmly focused on the possibilities the world holds for her—and for them. She’s already picked up the pieces of one shattered life. Now she’s determined to help Ash do the same.

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Besides the sexy cover, one thing grabbed my attention upon seeing Shattered: Utah. Finally, a romance – a real romance, not christian fiction or anything like that!—set in my home state! I was giddy, quickly requested a copy, and one-clicked the first book in the series. I went blindly into this book, knowing only that it took place (partly) in Utah. Luckily Shattered was worth it; I really loved Ash and Tansy.

Ash has so much on his shoulders, so much to worry about since the accident that killed his parents and paralyzed his younger brother. He's by no means perfect, but he is trying so damn hard to take care of Logan, to be there for him. Because of that responsibility, care and love, I started to fall for him. He had his jerk moments, but I still liked him. A lot!

Tansy has had a tough life, too. I loved watching her step up and begin taking charge of her life . . . and falling for Ash, of course.

Shattered is a very sexy, emotional read, but it is also very fun. The scene when Tansy's younger sister sends her to some horrible porn sites for “research” was great! Trust me.

I did have a problem with the book around the 28% mark. So to be on the safe side . . . 


During this scene, I was disappointed in Tansy and Ash. He plays the dick card by requiring her to sleep with him before he will agree to help her. She agrees for all the wrong reasons. I had hoped she would be a stronger heroine at this point and stand up to him. Come on now, she's had cancer and health problems for 10 years. Now she wants to live her life, including losing her virginity, and she actually says yes to him? *head desk *

Now, I'll admit, Ash did back down from his jerky requirement a few pages later, and their relationship did play out in a more positive light. However, that scene did leave a sour taste in my mouth, as it seemed so out of character for both of them. I'm glad that Wolff did back away from that scenario. If she hadn't, I'm not sure what my thoughts on the book would have been.


I liked seeing a cancer survivor as the heroine, because everyone deserves a HEA. I felt Wolff handled the entire situation well. Sure, it's possible that she may get sick again in the future but life is never certain. I have high hopes for Ash and Tansy enjoying their HEA.

The other characters were great, too, and I will definitely be reading the rest of this series. Authors, please write more Utah based romances; I know it can be done, despite all the jokes made about my joke on a regular basis.

An emotional rollercoaster with plenty of heat and even some great fun involved, Shattered is a hit. I'm sure many readers will fall for Ash, the sexy snowboarder from Utah. Now if only I could find my own Ash. Perhaps I need to spend more time around the Park City area . . . 


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I received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Have you read Tracy Wolff before? Do you have a favorite of hers?

Now, the most important question -- have YOU read any Utah based romances? 


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Pat Egan Fordyce said...

I agree with you TBQ, especially with your spoiler. I thought Ash had more respect for himself and Tansy. I'm glad he straightened up!

The_Book_Queen said...

Exactly! But I do have to give him credit, he did improve after that.

Anna@herding cats&burning soup said...

Oh that sounds good Danielle! Well, other than the spoiler. Blerg on that but the rest definitely sounds like I need to give it a go. And woot! Yay for a Utah romance! I don't know that I've read one yet. lol

The_Book_Queen said...

*sigh* Yeah, that part almost made me throw the book. Almost. Luckily it did improve, a lot! :) They must be a very rare, endangered species or something. Seriously, I don't think I've even heard of any before this!