Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Six Year Blogoversary: Day 4 + Giveaway!

Starting June 15th, we will be celebrating the blog's 6 year blogoversary with fun posts and giveaways. The party will end June 21st. 

Check back each day for a new post and giveaway. The daily giveaways will each last 24 hours, and all winners will be picked and announced on the 22nd! 

I will also be running a grand prize giveaway (one for US residents and one for INT readers). These giveaways can be found HERE, and it will run until June 21st, with the winner also being announced the following day. Good luck and have fun!

TBQ's Book Palace: Looking Forward

As I covered in the earlier Blogoversary posts, we've come a long way since June 20th, 2008.

The question now is what do we have planned for the future of the blog?

The obvious answer would be more reviews, author interviews, and great giveaways, not to mention continue sharing sexy covers every Sunday! And that's all true, but what else do we have up our sleeves?

To be honest, I don't have any major plans right now. Of course I'd like to build the blog audience more, and encourage more comments and interactions, but that's not the most interesting thing to talk about, so I'll skip over that! :)

It may seem silly, but I do want to get back to sharing more favorite book quotes. For whatever reason, I've fallen out of the habit, which is sad, as I so love when others share quotes in their reviews.

One of my goals for the upcoming year is to review more historical romances. That's the genre that started the blog, and I've strayed from it for too many years. It's time to get back into it! Suggestions for great historical romances are very much appreciated!

I'd love to go to a romance convention, such as the fabulous RT. Going to RT would be both a personal goal and a professional one, as it would allow me to finally meet many of the authors and fellow readers I talk to daily, and spread the word about the blog, too. I'm not sure yet what cons I'll attend, or when,, but it is at the top of my bucket list, and I hope to go in the next few years.

As the blog just went through a redesign, I don't see any design changes coming up anytime soon.

Hm, what else? Is it sad that my mind is coming up blank with other future ideas for the blog? I suppose it's partly due to my crazy life; for the most part, I try to “live in the moment”, even with the blog, because I'm usually too busy to do a long term plan.


  • Titan character interview
  • I would love to get caught up on Maya Banks KGI series
  • Of course reviewing everything Jessica Scott releases along with discussions with you and Pat
  • Maybe a Indie event/ Interview or something to high light all the Indie authors I love
  • Lastly I would love to do a 2014 in review like we did for 2013! [Oh yes!]


I would love to continue doing double or triple reviews, especially if one of us doesn't like the book!  LOL 

Author interviews,  anything you come up with!  I'm very comfortable with this blog, and not very "creative" about interviews or questions, but glad to add my voice when you need it.

Oh, I see more dual reviews in the future, thanks Pat!

Do you have any suggestions for us? Things you wish to see us change, start, or improve? Also, have you ever been to a romance convention or other bash? If so, I'm jealous – and want to hear more! :)


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends June 18th at 11:59 AM. Winner will be picked and announced at the end of the blogoversary -- June 22nd. 

If the winner is from the US, they will receive the a Flask Necklace. If they are INT, they will receive a $10 gift card to CafePress instead.

This giveaway will only run 24 hours. All winners will be announced and contacted on June 22nd, when the blogoversary is over.

Remember, the GRAND PRIZE Giveaways ends June 21st though, so there is plenty of time to enter that one. Good luck!

Question: Do you have any suggestions for us? Things you wish to see us change, start, or improve? Also, have you ever been to a romance convention or other book bash? If so, I'm jealous -- and want to hear more!


Until Next Time,


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Book Lovin' Mamas said...

I've been to smaller conventions and signings. Not sure if I'll ever do a RT since it's really expensive. The Coastal Magic Convention is a smaller convention, and I've gone 2 years so far and love the atmosphere of it. Even my oldest daughter enjoys it, although she can't go to the actual panels. She helps with the signing event and carrying books and taking pictures.
Keep up the lovely work ladies on the blog and I love the new design of it. =) You ladies help keep my Goodreads TBR long too thanks to the Lusting for Covers meme.

The_Book_Queen said...

Yeah, between the price for RT and the fact that it's always soooo far from me, it could be years before I go! Sad thing is I haven't heard of any closer, smaller conventions in my area, either. *sigh* But I'm glad to hear your daughter has fun, as well!

Ah, thanks! It's hard NOT to have that list grow when L4C rolls around again! :)

Janie said...

i don't have any complaints, so don't have any recommendations to share. I have never been to a convention or conference. I would love to go to one someday. RT and Authors After Dark seem like fun ones to attend.

The_Book_Queen said...

:) One day, my dear, one day . . . *fingers crossed* For both of us!

Sophia Rose said...

Those are nice goals, ladies!

I began my trek back to Historicals this year and tried several new to me authors. For comedy, I like Katie MacAlister. For unique setting and time period, I like Jeannie Lin. Robyn DeHarte, Shana Galen, Darcie Wylde and Maire Clairmont are authors I will definitely read more of. There are several others in the blended historicals such as PNR, Steampunk and Rom Suspense that were also pretty good too.

I've never been to a convention either, but I think I would start with the Lori Foster in Cincinnati or the Authors After Dark and work my way to the big one like RT.

Look forward to whatever you ladies share!

Erin F said...

thanks for such a fun post and giveaway! Best of luck on the goals!

Sophia Rose said...

You're welcome! You might trot over to Anna @ Herding Cats GoodReads Historical Romance group where people are putting up recommendations and comments on books too.

alyn said...

I have never been to any conventions or book conferences. I told my husband that we are going to one next year and he agreed. Now I just need to decide which one to go to. Maybe BEA? It's more to his taste too but from what I heard, BEA is usually up north. My husband would prefer one down south, so we'll see. I have a whole year to plan!

Anna@herding cats&burning soup said...

I would love to go to more cons but some of the smaller ones. I think RT would be way too much for me. lol And so dang pricey! One day maybe though :)

I would love to see more historical reviews. I've been loving them lately :)

The_Book_Queen said...

Oh, fun! :) And he is definitely a keeper if he is happy to go to a convention with you!

The_Book_Queen said...

Oh, I'm sure I'd be in a corner by the end of RT, rocking back and forth. I'm far too shy, all that noise and excitement would get to me after a few days! lol. And yes, the price! YIKES.