Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Whatcha Reading?

It's a bit slow on the blog this week, but don't worry we'll be back with plenty of interviews, giveaways -- and reviews, of course! 

So let's chat today -- what are YOU reading right now? Tell us, both the good and the bad!


Until Next Time,

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  1. I was having a devil of a time with review books and decided I needed a little break to reboot so re-reading a BDSM anthology and loving it even more the second time around :) It's The Doms of Dark Haven. Set in the world Cherise Sinclair created and 3 authors doing individual storylines that all intersect during a Victorian theme night at the club. It's so so good!

  2. jus finished the first book in Victoria H. Smith's Space Between series. I'm on the second book now. Don't feel like reading any review books, but I'm going to start the books I got approved from through NetGalley.

  3. I am going to start a series that has been sitting on my shelf since last year - Beach House #9 by Christie Ridgway. I enjoyed her Three Kisses series & a few others.

  4. Rereading . . . Oh, how I miss that! :) I think it's time for me to do that, clear my head and all. I've heard such great things about Sinclair's books, but have yet to read any! I think I may have one or two on my Kindle though....

  5. I know that feeling; the pile is overwhelming me right now, and it's mostly my fault for having no control over my "OOOOOH, that sounds good! click" issue. Here's to reading something good, review or not! :)

  6. I've not read her, but I have seen her books around. I hope you like it!