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[Pat's Review]: "Falling for the Pirate"

Falling for the Pirate by Amber Lin
Publisher: Entangled: Scandalous (July 21, 2014)
Series: Men of Fortune, 2
Genre: Historical Romance

London, 1820 

After the deaths of his parents and a dark, troubled childhood, Captain Nate Bowen vowed he would have his revenge. But he never expected to have the tool of his revenge dropped so neatly into his lap. Juliana Hargate is not only the daughter of his enemy, but is destitute, very much alone - and exquisitely desirable. And now that Nate has saved her life, she's at his complete mercy... 

Captive. All Juliana wanted was to clear her father's name. Instead, she's been struck with amnesia - unable to recall even her name - and imprisoned by a tall, imposing, and entirely unscrupulous pirate. A pirate whose eyes seem to look past her skirts and many petticoats, and whose touch sends delicious ripples of desire through her. With every passing day, she finds herself tempted to give him the very thing he's determined to take...

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Pat's Review:

This is the first novel I have read by Ms. Lin and it was a pleasure to read.

Juliana Hargate is alone, destitute and running with only the clothes on her back. The good thing is their worth some money.  Juliana sells her beautiful dress for some very worn chimney sweep clothes, including a hat for her hair.  She is determined to prove her father is not guilty of embezzlement as the authorities have claimed. It doesn't help that he has disappeared. She is going to his former offices to look for that proof, breaking in if she has to. Not only does she break in, but it's a very precarious climb, and a trip down the chimney.  Juliana frantically starts going through filing cabinets looking for any scrap of information to help.

Nate Bowen was an "angry rebellious youth" who grew up in a whore house and spent three years in prison for stealing a crust of bread.  When he was released he turned to the sea for his livelihood, forming bonds with other young men of his station. One of these men, Adrian Mallory, was angry and penniless also and he and Nate formed a friendship. The friendship proved quite profitable when Adrian's lying cheating brother passed away and he assumed his rightful privilege of being Duke of Sinclair.  They had several successful ventures, Nate is now Captain of his own ship and a partner in Fortune Investments.  It is Captain Bowen who discovers the chimney sweep going through files in his newly acquired office. She attempts to escape, but the route down is a lot harder than going up, she runs blindly away from Nate, falling into the frigid waters near the docks.  Nate dives in after her, and rescuing this chimney sweep who turns out to be a woman, a very beautiful woman, who wakes up having no idea where she is nor who she is.

This is a heart melting love story.  Nate is fiercely attracted to Juliana, but holds back to let her heal. Juliana is equally attracted, but doesn't know how to act on it. Meanwhile lies and deceit swirl around them.  The characters are wonderful and the story moves along at a good pace.  I highly recommend this novel to lovers of historical fiction, especially if you like Pirates.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley,  in exchange for her honest opinion.

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Thanks for the review, Pat! :) I'm so glad you've found a new author to follow. 

If you recall, book 1 in this series, Letter at Christmas was FREE just a few weeks ago; did you grab it? Have you read it? 

Bonus, Falling for the Pirate is only $0.99!

In fact, have you read Amber Lin before?


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Yay! I just bought this on Saturday I think it was. It sounds so good! Glad to see such a great endorsement for it :D

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I love pirates !!! Thanks for the review :)