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Skye Jordan is a pseudonym for New York Times bestselling romantic suspense author Joan Swan. Skye’s novels are about enjoying that little wild streak we don’t let out often enough. About those fantasies we rarely get the opportunity to indulge. About stretching limits, checking out the dark side, and maybe even acting a little naughty. They’re about escape and fun and pleasure and romance.

And, yes, even love, because while wicked-great sex is good, happily ever after with wicked-great sex is even better. Skye (aka Joan) lives on the central coast of California in the heart of wine country with her husband and two daughters. As often as possible, she retreats to a hotel with critique partners for a power-writing week where much drinking, laughing, and yes, even working, ensues. When she’s not writing, Skye goes to breakfast with her hubby, attends her daughters’ barrel races, and spends a lot of time with her own horse, Riddle…while her two dogs, Paxton and Indie, tag along. She also loves to read, knit, craft, row, ride, and dabble in photography.

Where to Find Skye:

Rumor by Skye Jordan
Publisher: Cygnet Books (November 2, 2014)
Series: Renegades, 4
Genre: Contemporary Erotica

Former Navy SEAL Josh Marx thinks he has it all figured out. He’s living the bachelor lifestyle in southern California, running risk assessment for the Renegades, but most importantly, he’s finally gotten over the unrequited love he’s harbored for his former teammate’s ex wife. Then his buddy calls from overseas, worried because he hasn’t heard from his ex, and asks Josh to check in on her. Josh doesn’t want to get involved, but the same code that urged him to walk away in the first place is suddenly pushing him to change his Christmas plans.

Grace Ashby doesn't appreciate the sexy SEAL trying to step in and take over. He thinks she’s hit rock bottom by working at a strip club, but she knows differently. She could set him straight, but he’s already rejected her once, and she doesn’t need one more man judging her.

She tells him to butt out of her business and her life. But Josh’s conscience won’t let him walk away this time.

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Rumor by Skye Jordan

“We may not be perfect, Grace,” he said coming up alongside her, “but Beck and I would have been here for you if you needed us.”
She stopped and turned on him, outraged he’d claim such bullshit. “Really? Where is Beck right now? Oh, wait, classified, right? Let’s narrow it down – is he in the United States?” When Josh glanced away, she said, “I thought not. And what about you? When’s the last time I heard from you?”
His jaw shifted sideways, gaze lowered to the ground. Christ he looked dejected, all soggy, shoulders sagging, head bowed. Regret and sympathy flashed in her chest. Made her shift on her feet. But Grace had to stand up for herself. There was certainly no one else to do it for her.
He exhaled and lifted his gaze to hers. “I’m here now.”
Way Too little, way too late.
“Ironically, I don’t need you now. And I never needed Isaac.” She turned toward her car again, and the rain came down harder. By the time she reached the cheap little sedan, her clothes clung to her body.
“Is that why you’re not answering his calls?” Josh called behind her. “Because you’re too damn stubborn to accept help.”
Grace’s feet stopped dead in a puddle. She swung around on her heel and took three steps back toward him before she stopped herself. “That’s why you’re here—Isaac called you.” She threw her hands out, caught between fury and heartbreak. “Of course that’s why you’re here—for Isaac. Not for me.” She started for the car again, shaking now, but not from the cold or the wet. She was shaking with anger, disillusionment, hurt. So much hurt. “God, I’m so fucking stupid.”
Water splashed around her flip-flops and squished through her toes. She should have been freezing, but she only felt numb. Why did she keep falling for physically and emotionally unreachable men? Men who were never satisfied with who she was?
She fumbled with her keys, struggling to find the one for her car through the rain and welling tears.
“He heard a rumor that you were stripping, and—“
Grace pivoted toward him, eyes narrowed. “A rumor?” That was a strange turn of phrase...or maybe she was just oversensitive. “How did he hear a rumor like that when he’s all the way across the fucking world?”
“Someone from another team was here. He recognized you in a photo from your anniversary trip to Mexico.”
She closed her eyes. “The trip from hell?”
“Couldn’t have been all bad. Beck still has fond memories of—“
“Isaac is clueless, Josh. He may be a good man and an amazing soldier, but he’s clueless in just about every other area of his life.” She turned away again, muttering, “I’m starting to wonder it that’s a prerequisite to become a SEAL.”
“Wait, Grace, we can talk this out.”
“I don’t have anything else to say.” Christ, that had come out in her borderline hysterical voice. But she couldn’t control the wild emotions as she faced him again. “You already know I’m not stripping. And even if I was, it wouldn’t give either of you the right to shove your two cents at me. And, as you can see, I’m perfectly fine. So when you talk to Isaac again, you can tell him I don’t need either one of you. Which works out fine, because neither of you ever really wanted me, either.”
Tears swam in her eyes. Angry tears. Hurt tears. Sick-to-death-of-this-shit tears. She jammed her key into the door lock and clicked it open. Josh pulled her around to face him again, trapping her against the car and stared down into her face with frustration darkening his expression.
“I didn’t walk away because I didn’t want you, Gracie,” he said, his words so low they almost drowned in the night sounds. Rain dripped off his straight nose and clumped his golden eyelashes. His smoky blue eyes lowered to her mouth in a languid way that told Grace the alcohol was still singing in his blood stream. “I walked away because I did.”
Grace’s lips parted with another protective, dismissive remark, but nothing came out. Her throat tightened into a ball. Her mind teetered between believing the sincere declaration in the moment and brushing it aside.
“Sure. That’s why you moved to LA when I told you how I felt.” She drew a breath, forcing herself to put self-preservation first. “Here’s what I learned during those four long years married to Isaac—action, not words, is what separates the boys from the men. And I’ve had more than enough little boys in my life.”
His eyes narrowed and the skin over his cheeks tightened. His lips thinned. And God, he was beautiful, his bronze skin contrasting with his crystal blue eyes.
“I’m not Beck,” he rasped. “And I’m no kid, either.”
“Kids run when they’re scared. Which is exactly what you—“
His hands tightened on her arms. His body pressed her against the car. The surprise of cold steel at her back and warm muscle at her front made her gasp and close her fists in the wet folds of his shirt. He lowered his head, pressing his body into hers. A rigid erection indented her lower belly and burned hot beneath his zipper, stealing Grace’s breath. Her body flooded with surprise, confusion...and lust.

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Colleen said...

Once I heard a rumor that a guy I went to high school with - who was gay- had cheated on his boyfriend with his boyfriend's female cousin and gotten her pregnant. I couldn't believe it but it ended up being true...

jovial_1 said...

Yes, I don't really have a favorite. I love them all. I'd say today's is full of real emotion something Skye/Joan is a pro at writing :).

elaing8 said...

Yes I've read them and enjoyed them all. I am looking forward to reading all of Rumor.

Lindsey V. said...

I really liked this exerpt!

Thank you so much for the post and giveaways. :-)

Janie said...

I have read them and don't have a favorite since each one whets the appetite.

Glenda said...

I've read a few. So far this is my fav!

Sophia Rose said...

I have the first book to this series and I really need to get on the stick and get caught up. This one sounds good. Mmmm, those two definitely have a lot of wrinkles to work out!

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. This is the only excerpt I've read, but man it has me eager to see what comes afterward.

Nicole O said...

Thank you for the giveaway

Sue G. said...

I like this excerpt!

jackie woodland said...

I love this excerpt , really need to read this now.. :)

Jane Bassett-Nelson said...

Great excerpt! Added to my TBR and can't wait to read it!

Iris Salazar said...

Added to my tbr list! Can't wait to read it!

Theresa Fischer said...

Read them all so far. They are all so good I can't choose.

bn100 said...

Read them so far; no favorite

Lori Ha said...

I haven't read them all but all of the ones I have read thus far are awesome :)

Colleen said...

I really liked Excerpt 8. It showed how much stress Grace was under and how vulnerable it left her and I liked how Josh comforted her at her time of need. It was really sweet.

Jean W said...

I have enjoyed reading the excerpts, but I think I am just going to buy the book instead of reading a snippet here and there.

Glittergirl said...

I have adored anything Skye/Joan has written and this series is on my DON"T MISS list :D Thanks for the giveaway <3

Mary McCoy said...

I have enjoyed reading the excerpt, and I think each one I read is my new favorite.

Maria Ashlee said...

Thank you for the chance

PhyllisC said...

I have read all of the excerpts and enjoyed them all. Would love to read the book. Thanks so much for the giveaway!