Friday, December 12, 2014

FREEDOM, Announcements + Giveaway!

I made it -- I survived the semester! *dies*

Now the anxiously-awaiting-my-grades part. Ugh.

To celebrate "We Survived Finals", my friend and I will be spending the entire day watching Gilmore Girls and eating more junk food than should be allowed. :) In other words, the perfect day.

But . . . I realized last night that I have nothing planned until Sunday's Lusting For Covers post. Um, oops. 

So instead, I have a few announcements and a giveaway -- read on!

First, if you use Tumblr, you can now follow me -- link!

Disclaimer: I reblog pics and gifs that are definitely NSFW (not safe for work). Some are even male-male. If you're not comfortable with those things, then perhaps it would be best if you didn't follow. :)

Speaking of NSFW . . . .

Second, you may have noticed the past two weeks that Anna (Herding Cats and Burning Soup) and I have been doing #BloggerBattles #ManWars over on our FB pages. :-) We're going to try doing this every Tuesday, so if you need a little man candy, be sure to like both of our pages and check them on Tuesdays! We'll also be sharing the same pics on our Twitter pages, for those of you that don't like using FB.

Oh! Do you have an idea on a "theme" for this Tuesday's ManWars? Share below and we'll do our best!

And, instead of hosting the weekly giveaway on FB, this week's giveaway can be found below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

See everyone on Sunday -- have a great weekend!


Until Next Time,


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  1. This is a sure way to cheer yourself up after the exams lol ! I'll be crossing my fingers for your results ;) I tried to add your tumblr to Bloglovin, but Bloglovin doesn't seem to know you - I know they had problems with Tumblr a while ago. And I'll be sure to check Facebook for some eye candy. Yay, thanks for sharing !

  2. laundry and cleaning!!! yay! not :( but it's gotta get done. And then, browsing the TBR mountain range for something to read! Thanks for the fun post and giveaway!

  3. I'm taking my son to his friends birthday party :)

  4. *sigh* I need to catch up on some of that, too . . . . Hope you find something great to read, Erin!

  5. It was crazy fun and we definitely needed it! :) Thanks for the finger-crossing!

    I've not tried adding Tumblr blogs on Bloglovin', so I'm no help there, sorry! But if I find out a trick to fix that, I'll let you know. ;)

  6. Of course I have reading planned. I need to get The Last Cowboy read and Seducing the Princess. I also need to clean out my email before we leave for Utah next saturday. I'm afraid to look at it. LOL

  7. I tried to add it, it didn't work, but if you manage to do it, you'll make me happy !

  8. I will try to fit some reading in between the Christmas preparations.

  9. Oh, reading . . . I've so missed it. I'm hoping to sneak in a few books this next week. :) Good luck with the inbox!

  10. Reading can be your relaxing reward for getting "fill in the blank" done that day. :D

  11. I want to finishing wrapping Christmas presents

  12. Congratulations on surviving - and no doubt doing well!!

    Went to see Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas Extravaganza last nite with my hubby. The rest of the weekend is boring : shopping, wrapping presents, work....

  13. LOL! Love the polar bears and yay, you survived. Love the man wars going on. Maybe redheads and gingers for a theme? ethnic guys? I've caught a few of your 'war' efforts. Have fun with your movie and snacks day.
    I'm working on Christmas cards now that I finally got stamps.

  14. *hangs head* I haven't even started my shopping yet, so I envy you! :) Hope you enjoy the book, Anita!

  15. Thanks, Isabelle! :)

    I have a very long list of holiday gifts and things to get done. *sigh* I suppose I'll start that Monday
    . . .

  16. ;) Oooh, redheads. That could be fun. I'll see what I can find for Tuesday. :D

    I have most of my cards sent, which is surprising, really. lol

  17. Ah, thanks! :)

    That sounds so fun, Glenda (the concert, that is!). I have a lot of that same boring things to do myself this weekend . . .

  18. ;) Good luck! I always start out carefully wrapping the gifts . . . yeah, by the fifth gift, I'm ready to give up and hand them over without wrapping! lol I have very little patience for it, sadly.

  19. Well, man, never thought of the correlation, but yeah, I can see where the confusion happened there. Naughty Google! LOL!