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[Pat's Review]: "Shadowed Heart"

Shadowed Heart by Laura Florand
Publisher: Laura Florand (December 3, 2014)
Series: Amour et Chocolat, 5.5
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Three words, to shake a man’s existence.

Three words, to call on all a man’s strength, all his courage, all his love, and all his ability to hope and dream…and trust.

Three words, to wake up every fear a man has ever had.

“I’m pregnant, Luc.”

Now how could a man be perfect enough for that?

Romantic Times calls Laura Florand's writing "sensuous and sumptuous", awarding her their Seal of Excellence and nominating her for Best Book of the Year, and NPR says it's "explosive, sensual . . . and utterly sweet".

Now in this sequel to The Chocolate Heart, Florand takes us into the heart of happily ever after with a story full of love, hope, and friendship. Struggling to get their new restaurant off the ground in the south of France, newly married top chef Luc Leroi and his wife Summer must face all their demons at the prospect of becoming parents. Fortunately, Summer's cousins and Luc's rival chefs join forces with the couple to prove that not even a top chef has to handle everything alone and happiness really can last ever after.

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Pat's Review:

Laura  Florand writes beautiful love stories that grab your heart. Her heroes are tall dark and gorgeous artist/chefs who can create exquisite masterpieces with chocolate.  When they fall in love..........they fall hard.

Luc Leroi and his wife Summer (The Chocolate Heart) have left the excitement of Paris and moved to Côte d'Azur to open Luc's new restaurant.  Summer helps out in the restaurant and keeps the accounts. She understands the long hours, but it is still difficult on their new marriage. She has an exciting secret she can't wait to share with Luc, thrilling and terrifying at the same time; she's pregnant. Both she and Luc had very difficult childhoods, without decent examples of parenting. They have so much love to share, she's sure Luc will be thrilled. Luc is more than thrilled, but is immediately terrified that she will leave. No one has stayed in his life, starting with his mother.  

Summer has no friends, the townspeople think she is a rich snob and morning sickness and the fear of miscarriage are taking over her life. She just wants someone to talk to!   Is what she's feeling normal, will she ever stop vomiting, will she stop crying at the drop of a hat? Luc is treating her like a fragile doll, afraid he will hurt her or the baby. 

There is so much emotion is this book; love, fear, friendship, but the one thing missing is trust. They have to learn how to trust in each other. 

As with all Ms. Florand's books I finished the book with a smile on my face. Her characters are so engaging, the descriptions of the locations make you feel like your there, and the desserts are to die for.  I know when I open an Amour et Chocolat story I will not put it down till I'm finished. 


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the author in exchange for her honest opinion.

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Thanks for the review, Pat! :) I really must read this series; I know you and Kame have been *loving* Laura's books. 

Have you read Laura Florand before? 


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