Tuesday, May 5, 2015

[Kame's Review]: "Taken"

Taken by HelenKay Dimon
Publisher: InterMix (April 21, 2015)
Series: Holton Woods, 3
Genre: M/M Romance

Known for her “emotional, sexy and smart”* stories, now, HelenKay Dimon presents a bold new novella that takes readers to the edge…

Wade Royer and Elijah Sterling are on shaky ground. While initially reluctant Eli is finally ready to take things to the next level, Wade is hesitant. He senses trouble coming and he’s right. Still, they know their fiercely undeniable connection—both in and out of the bedroom—is worth saving.

Then a man from Eli’s past reappears and the CIA comes calling—and they both want Eli back. With their relationship in jeopardy of falling apart and Eli in danger of a different kind, both men will have to decide what they really want—and then take it…

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Kame's Review:

Wade and Eli are trying to put back the pieces. They each have pain they must move past if they want a future together.

This novella is sooooo good.

People like me who have been waiting for Eli and Wade to sort out their crap will be so satisfied. No this is not solved with a kiss and I forgive you followed by rainbows and unicorns. They have deep issues they each must own up to and deal with. We are treated to a few scenes with the lead characters of past books, and I enjoyed the set up to the next book in the series.

I am sort of sad it's done - I could read more about these two - even just a bunch of mundane everyday stuff like a scene of them grocery shopping! They bring a great vibrant fire to the page.

I am so happy Wade works at the club as I hope we get a glimpse at their happiness in the next book - which I will preorder the minute the link is on Amazon!


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Kame bought this book.

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Thanks for the review, Kame! ;) I've heard a lot of great buzz about this novella.

Have you read HelenKay Dimon? Do you have a favorite of hers?

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