Monday, August 31, 2015

Back To School

Hey everyone,

A quick update on how the blog will be ran for the next few months:

As many of you know, I'm working on my Bachelors degree. Fall term, of my senior year, officially starts today. 

Obviously, the blog will take a backseat to my classwork, and even my personal life and responsibilities. 

Now, I'll still have posts scheduled to go up, especially as Kame and Pat send in reviews. Don't worry; I won't forget about Sunday's Lusting for Covers! I'll also be posting my Friday FitReaders update, and -- hopefully! -- my Saturday Whatcha Reading? post. Assuming, of course, that I CAN find the time to read something besides my textbooks . . . 

But other than that, the blog may be a bit sparse most weeks. I will no doubt be mostly MIA from my social media accounts as well. 

All that being said, I'll still be around, just not as often as you may have become accustomed to over my summer break. Please don't hesitate to contact me though. Whether you are an author asking about a possible review/guest post, or a fellow reader reaching out via my social media platforms to chat books -- I'll still be checking everything when I can. Just remember: I will probably not answer back right away, it may be hours, or even days, after the fact, depending on my class schedule.

To ensure I don't let myself get easily distracted, I'll be trying to stay offline as much as possible. However, I won't cut myself off completely. In many ways, interacting with many of you on Twitter or Facebook or even here in the blog comments, helps to keep me sane. And when the stress of classes hits hard, I'm going to need that temporary escape even more, even if it's only for a few brief moments at a time. :)

Please be patient with me and know that I'll be updating that blog as much as I can. 

Thank you! 


Until Next Time,

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