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[Pat's Review]: "Love So Tempting"

Love So Tempting by Marquita Valentine
Publisher: Valentine Publishing, LLC (August 18, 2015)
Series: The Lawson Brothers, 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Prim and proper beauty queen Lemon McCoy is at her wit’s end when one night of passion leaves her pregnant by Jessamine’s favorite ladies man, Tristan Lawson. Forced to turn to her childhood tormentor in her time of need, she convinces Tristan to marry her to keep the gossip in their small town at bay.

Marine turned hometown librarian Tristan Lawson has secretly loved Lemon McCoy for years but they can’t seem to be around each other without trading insults. When Lemon finally spends the night with him, it’s a dream come true, and he hopes, the start of something more. But the very next morning they are back to their bickering ways that forces the two apart. Until Lemon confesses that she’s pregnant with his baby, giving him a second chance he never expected.

Although Tristan agrees to a marriage of convenience, he is confident he can show Lemon they are right for each other. But can Lemon trust him with her heart, or will their past be too much to overcome?

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Pat's Review:

This novel opens with a Marine on his tour of duty getting letters from someone from home. They grew up together, but have always had a rocky relationship. The letters between Tristan Lawson and Lemon McCoy are funny, sarcastic and sometimes even sweet giving us an idea of their "friendship."

After an injury that sends him home he heads straight to Lemon's house, where he is turned away by Apple, Lemon's sister, telling him lies to "protect her sister." Lemon never learns about this encounter. A few years go by, Tristan is now the head librarian in their struggling library, Lemon owns her own business and is still living at home. She delivers some papers from her father to Tristan, and the old sparks combust. For one amazing night, all their bickering is pushed aside. But in the morning, it's back. But, something happened that night that can't be swept aside. Lemon is pregnant, she wants the baby and she wants to marry Tristan.

This novel can be read as a stand alone, but characters from previous books are a large part of the story. I found myself wanting to shake Apple for her cruelty to both Tristan and Lemon. Their growing love is sweet and touching, and they find out they can handle just about anything together even with interference and bumps in the road. An enjoyable story with a very satisfying ending.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the author in exchange for her honest opinion.

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Thanks for the review, Pat! I have so many of Valentine's books that I need to catch up on soon. :) 

Do you like when romances have letters in the story? Or even other forms of correspondence now -- texts, emails, etc? 


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