Friday, January 1, 2016

#FitReaders: Weekly Check-In


A new year, new goals. And this year I'm participating in FitReaders to help get in shape. 

#FitReaders is hosted by Geeky Bloggers Book Blog  and That’s What I’m Talking About. Interested in joining? Find out more HERE

December 25th - 31st:

  • Friday --  Two walks. 32 minutes of Daily Burn. 15,777 Steps | 8.72 Miles
  • Saturday --  One walk. 7,584 Steps |  4.19 Miles [Rest day]
  • Sunday --   Two walks. 32 minutes of Daily Burn. 14,350 Steps | 7.93 Miles
  • Monday --   Two walks. 17 minutes of Daily Burn. 14,589 Steps | 8.07 Miles 
  • Tuesday -- Two walks. 17 minutes of DB Yoga. 14,551 Steps | 8.07 Miles [DB Rest day],
  • Wednesday -- Two walks. 35  minutes of Daily Burn. 10,797 Steps | 5.96 Miles 
  • Thursday --  Two walks. 35 minutes of Daily Burn. 13,201 Steps | 7.29 Miles 

Friday was more snow, which meant more time snow blowing the driveway.

Sunday = new Daily Burn workout program begins.

Since the roads are still not the best most days, I've not been doing my solo walk, just the (shorter) walks for the pups to do their thing. However, I've taken to doing two things inside to keep my steps up around my daily goal:

1) Jogging/walking in place while watching YouTube videos or other shows [because school break = catch up] The constant moving, even if it's only a 5 minute YT clip, really adds up!
2) Chasing Pup 1 and his toy around the house. This gets some of his energy out, gives him something fun to do, helps bump up my steps and puts a smile on my face. It's an all-around win.

Wednesday and Thursday were both busy days. I spent a lot of time on Goodreads trying to reorganize my shelves and delete old books I no longer wish to read. Sadly I couldn't do that while walking in place, like when watching something on my computer! *sigh* We're also having our original (old) clawfoot tub [which had been converted into a shower years ago] removed and having a new shower put in. The plumber started work Wed, which meant I was trying to keep the pups quiet while he worked, etc, which also didn't leave me much time for anything extra, just the two dog walks. Same on Thursday. I'll make up for it next week though. :)

  • Total steps for the week: 90,849 Steps
  • Total miles for the week: 50.23 Miles
  • Total DB minutes for the week: 168 Minutes

If you use FitBit, you can find me HERE. Let's make 2015 our year to get fit! :)


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