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[ARC Review]: "Tied to Trouble"

Tied to Trouble by Megan Erickson
Publisher: Entangled: Brazen (January 4, 2016)
Series: Gamers, 3
Genre: M/M Romance

Between love and hate, there's a whole lot of trouble…

Chad Lake only showed up at his sister's party for the free food, but when he spots an uptight nerd at the edge of the crowd, he can't resist trying to ruffle the guy's perfect bow tie and impeccable hair. The hottie's ready for him, though, and in the end, it's Chad who's left wide-eyed, his ears still ringing with the filthy things Bow Tie whispered in his ear. No one gets the upper hand on Chad. Ever.

Owen Hawkins has heard all about the cocky Adonis from Chad's sister—the same sister who holds Owen's career advancement in her hands. He has every intention of steering clear of the other man…until Chad's sexy taunts push him too far. There's something intriguing about Chad, and even though Owen knows that getting tangled up with the infuriating man is trouble, he can't seem to stay away…

**This is part of an M/F series but can be read as standalone**

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*more incoherent fangirling* 

Because Chad and Owen, you guys.

^That's what first came to mind upon finishing this book. And while it may seem silly, it's 100% true. Tied to Trouble was everything I had hoped Chad's story would be and then some. I have zero complaints about it. What I do have is a lot of fangirl screams, a ton of quotes highlighted on my Kindle, and a deep love for Chad and Owen.

I devoured this book, literally devoured it. For the first time in quite a while, I was pissed when life got in the way and prevented me from sitting down with these two men. I needed to return to Chad and Owen, dammit, why couldn't the rest of the world just leave me in peace for a few hours? [Oh, the reader struggle!]

I believe the best way to do this review -- and hopefully keep the fangirling to a minimum -- is to share some favorite quotes that really sum up the many things I loved about TtT. Note: this is only a small, very small, fraction of quotes from my Kindle. And it was so very hard to pick!

Tied to Trouble is ridiculously sexy. And I loved every dirty minute of it. These two were sparking -- and sparring -- from the very beginning, and I have a lot of NSFW sexy passages highlighted. Here's just a taste of the steamy goodness to be found:

"You cocky bastard, just come," Owen said.

Chad licked his lips and gripped Owen's hip. "I don't like to lose."

Owen didn't realize until it was too late that Chad's hand was down the back of his loosened pants, sliding down his crease, and then he pressed, just a light presusre of his finger.

And Owen came.

That was . . . yeah, quite the scene. They were having a bit of a competition to see who could come first. Truly, it was a win-win-win. A win for each of the boys, obviously, and a win for the reader, too. :D

If you've read the previous books in this series, you've met Chad, and you know that he's a very fun character. This book is sexy, of course, but it's also funny. For example, there's the whole Dapper Dick joke:

Chad smiled and wrote in slashed font, "The Dapper Dick." And below that, "Superpowers: self-lubricating cock and ability to have and give multiple orgasms."

The Dapper Dick was a NSFW superhero drawing that Chad did, based on Owen.

When the fantastic chemistry and the wit collide:

"Why do I want you?" Owen growled, his teeth biting into the skin. "I don't even like you."

Chad bucked his hips. "Well, I like your dick, and you like my ass. You don't have to fuck my personality."


There's also some really rather sweet/emotional parts. For example:

"And what do you want?"

Chad thought about that for a minute. "I be wanted."

The earnestness in Chad's expression nearly broke Owen's heart. "You don't think you're wanted?"

"I think I'm wanted a lot but not...wanted." He drew out the word, eyes pleading for Owen to understand.

Owen gripped Chad's face, looking directly into his eyes. "For fuck's sake, Chad, you're wanted. You're wanted so badly I'm surprised you're not overflowing with it."

Chad gripped Owen's wrists. "Yeah? Who wants me, O?" His voice was a whisper.

Owen answered it with a whisper of his own, watching as Chad's dark lashes blinked. "Me."

Feels. All the feels. And this was around 60%. I still had so much to go through with these two!

And this:

"You're light and fun and spontaneous. Shiny things distract you." Owen took a step forward. "I wanted to stay shiny for you."

I could go on. I'm not joking when I say I have pages of quotes and scenes highlighted. And all for different reasons. Some made me laugh or smile. Others made me blush. Still others left me with all the feels, or hit home because it was something I could relate to.

This may seem odd, but I was surprised when I checked Amazon for the total number of pages (175). This book did NOT feel that short. At all. I'm not sure how to explain it, but you know how there are some books that feel so rushed and short, yet have two or three hundred pages, while there are other books that are shorter in length but feel so complete and thorough and just PERFECT? Tied to Trouble falls into the latter category. Would I have liked more? Sure, but only because I'm greedy when it comes to Erickson's books, especially Chad and Owen. There was nothing missing, there was nothing more that I needed in order to say the book was complete. That's a hard thing to accomplish, regardless of the length of the book.

This book was simply the most perfect book I've had the pleasure of reading in a long time. When a book can make me hot, make me happy sigh, make me smile and make me feel, that is a book that I want to revisit again and again, a book that I want to shove into everyone's hands, a book that I won't be forgetting. Thank you, Megan, for giving Chad his story. I really can't thank you enough.


~ * ~ * ~

I received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest opinion.

*Note: The quotes used belong to Megan Erickson; TBQ's Book Palace does not claim them.

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I can't fully explain how much I freakin' loved Chad and Owen's story. SO MUCH LOVE. :) 

Have you read Megan Erickson? If not, you're seriously missing out. She has a few different series, both M/F and M/M, and they're all amazing.

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