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[Pat's Review]: "Break My Fall" + Excerpt and Giveaway!

Break My Fall by Jessica Scott
Publisher: Jessica Scott (February 16, 2016)
Series: Falling, 2
Genre: New Adult

I’m addicted to it. It’s how I feel alive. It’s the only thing that’s real any more.

And now I have to sit around and discuss it like it’s physics or calculus. 

I can’t do it. I can’t pretend that it’s some sterile academic topic.

Violence isn’t sterile. It isn’t calm. It’s pulsing. It’s alive.

It’s my drug.

Until I met Abby, I never wanted anything beyond the next fight. Never considered that I might finally find a way back to the land of the living.

Now? Now I find myself dreaming of a woman with golden eyes.

But I can never be with her. Because I am not whole. And I never will be again.

But I cannot stay away. And loving her might finally be what breaks me. 

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Pat's Review:

This novel was a very emotional read for me. Two young people, one an Army vet, the other a young woman who has escaped a terrifying childhood, both trying to find some light in their darkness.  It breaks your heart, a little crack at a time. But at it's conclusion your spirits are lifted.

Josh Douglas is going to a prestigious university thanks to his G.I. Bill.  He hasn't been back in the states for very long, but has decided booze and bruising physical activity is better than the mind numbing drugs the Dr.'s offered. According to the V.A. he has used up his allotted visits, but he is a long way from overcoming his PTSD. He hasn't made many friends, but has a kind of relationship with the owner of the local bar, The Pint. Eli is a fellow vet who opened his bar so there would be a place for vets, damaged and otherwise, to meet. Unfortunately Josh has a history of blowing off steam with a fight or two way too often for Eli's comfort. Going home after one of these very satisfying poundings he comes across a beautiful young woman being hassled by two men. Even though she looks like she is holding her own, he steps into her space. She is grateful, and he is immediately afraid of the sudden feelings of protection and attraction crashing over him. He is damaged, he should warn her, he should never see her again, she could never understand. No one does.

Abby Hilliard is going to school supporting herself by waitressing. Her best friend, Graham is a bartender and they lean on each other for support. She has scars both on her skin and in her heart, the most recent from her ex-boyfriend, who insisted he loved her, but spent most of his time trying to change her. She realizes the very sexy, gorgeous student sitting next to her in class, is her rescuer from the other night. She feels an immediate pull to his brooding eyes, his quiet danger and the sadness she feels surrounding him. But relationships are too hard, too much work.  What starts as a casual friendship grows into something they both desperately need, but are terrified of.

Ms. Scott again brings us a story of the trauma these young men and women in today's military face during their deployments and then at home. The need to drink, do drugs or end it all is so often the heartbreaking decision their faced with. This is a dark, beautiful and very sensual romance. All the more believable because the writer is an Army officer herself and spent time in war zones with her husband having to leave her children behind.  Thank you Jessica Scott, for your service, and your novels that dig into our hearts and souls.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the author in exchange for her honest opinion.

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Break My Fall by Jessica Scott

I want to know his name. I've decided that already. I should text Graham and ask him if he knows it. But that would clue Graham in that I was interested, and while I love Graham like a brother, he has far too much invested in my love life or lack thereof. He'd give the guy my number, home address, and blood type if he thought it would get me laid.

I might make jokes about it, but I'm not that open when it comes to sex. It's not that I'm morally opposed to it. But it hasn't been exactly…earth shattering for me. Robert was…more concerned with his own pleasure than mine.

And wow, do I need to think about something else. Something other than the man next to me with the haunted eyes and thick, blunt fingers that are currently toying with a pencil.

Down, girl.

I'm better than this. I'm not boy crazy. I don’t let myself get distracted from why I’m here and guys definitely fall into the distraction category these days. I know who I am and what I want in life. And while the fantasy of having a guy stroke my neck and whisper things to make me laugh might be appealing, it's nothing more than a fantasy for girls like me in a place like this.
Fantasies are safe.

Fantasies don't ruin your life and crush your soul and try to change who you are. They don’t pretend to love you.

And in my fantasies is where he'll stay. In the dark and the shadows, where I can take out the idea of him and play with it for a little while, then put it safely away where it can wait until next time.

Because fantasies can’t hurt you.

And as interested as I am in the man who did such a simple thing by sitting next to me, I am far too cynical to pretend that this is anything more than it is—a kind gesture.

Nothing more.

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Thanks for the review, Pat! I loved book 1, so I definitely need to grab this one. 

Have you read Jessica Scott? Do you have a favorite of hers?

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