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[Pat's Review]: "The Greek's Ready-Made Wife"

The Greek's Ready-Made Wife by Jennifer Faye
Publisher: Harlequin (March 8th, 2016)
Series: Brides for the Greek Tycoons, 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Brides for the Greek Tycoons
Book 1 - The Greek's Ready-Made Wife (Kyra & Cristo)
Book 2 - The Greek's Nine-Month Surprise (Sofia & Niko)

Tipping the maid…with a diamond ring!

When chambermaid Kyra Pappas enters the hotel suite, she's not expecting a marriage proposal! But tycoon Cristo Kiriakas believes she will make the perfect convenient bride to help secure a vital deal—and in return, he'll help her find her long-lost family. 

Kyra is sure she can handle planning a wedding with no emotional entanglements—but is soon fighting the temptation to kiss her gorgeous fake fiancé! Relationships have only ever meant heartache for these two lost hearts—but together, can they make their fairy-tale ending finally come true…?

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Pat's Review:

This is a fairytale romance, set at the Blue Tides Resort in Athens, Greece. A seaside spa hotel known for it's luxurious attentions to detail and guests.

Kyra Pappas is a young American woman, working at the Blue Tides in housekeeping. She is there for two reasons, she is very interested in a career of hotel  management, and thought working in the international hotel would give her wonderful experience. The second is a search to find her father's family. He had passed away a year ago, and she decided her search must start here. Her mother is very against this idea and wants her home. She needs help with her mortgage and expenses and is afraid they will lose their home.

Kyra has been working just a few days when she is confronted by Cristo Kiriakis, dashing, very handsome and sexy owner of the resort. He has an unbelievable proposal. He needs a "paper wife" to close a multi-million dollar business deal, and Kyra is his choice. She immediately thinks he is out of his mind, but he tries to persuade her with his plan. A large lump sum of money, clothes and anything she needs for her new lifestyle, and the biggest draw for her is that he will help her with her search to find her family. It doesn't take her long to make her decision!

Cristo is a workaholic who doesn't have time for dating or women. Kyra is the perfect compromise. He is a clever businessman, trying to prove his talent to his estranged father. His plan is to take over the Stavros hotel chain and make it his own, but the Stavros owner believes in family and traditions. So, Cristo must look traditional and settled with a fiancé. It all seems so perfect.....he has a beautiful fiancé, a wonderful business plan and a wedding to organize. But Kyra turns out to be a little more than Cristo expected. Very intelligent and perceptive, beautiful and she is capturing his heart. All of a sudden he wants to find her family because he knows it will make her happy. So many twists and turns in a relationship which was supposed to be so cut and dry. Love does that.

Attraction and heat slowly works it's way into Cristo's and Kyra's heart. How could this work?  It's not about the money anymore. Her mother's betrayal, her failing search, and Cristo's constant work ethics start to wear her down. Maybe it's time to end this charade.

3 1/2 STARS! 

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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the author in exchange for her honest opinion.

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