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Whatcha Reading? (48)

A new Saturday post where you can share with us what you are currently (or just finished) reading and we will share our brief thoughts on books that we read during the previous week but will not be reviewing.

May 22nd - 28th:


-- Taking Him by Jackie Ashenden --

This is NOT an easy, carefree read. Trigger warning: sexual abuse is a main part of the story and shows up in flashbacks and discussions. But if that's not a problem for you, then I do recommend this book. Just be prepared for the feels. You'll want to heal Hunter, you'll ache as you watch him struggle to accept that what he suffered as a teen was, indeed, sexual abuse. This is a bit of a dark, emotional romance, but it's so well done. And frankly, we need to talk more about sexual abuse happening to men, so if the conversation can be started with a romance novel, that's awesome.

That being said, I do wish that Hunter had went to a therapist. I get that Ellie's love and care and support helped him, and that's great. But no love, no matter how pure it is, can cure the scars left from such abuse, and there really should be some professional help involved as well to make sure he doesn't slip into old habits (seeking pain to forget the past, for example).

Vin's story is the sequel to this and I'm definitely bumping it up my TBR list. This is not the first Ashenden novel I've read; another favorite of mine was Talking Dirty with the Player, which was my first read from her, actually.

This is a Royal Pick for May. 4 1/2 STARS

Favorite quote:

"Not going to accept crumbs from you anymore, Chase. Never again. Because I'm worth more than that. I'm worth a hell of a lot more. If you want me, you take all of me. Forever. I'm not going to accept anything less."

And related, a few pages later:

People who'd never given her anything and yet expected everything from her. Expected she'd give it because she always did. Giveaway away little pieces of herself until she had nothing left.

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-- Beauty and the Highland Beast by Lecia Cornwall --

I did enjoy this one. It was an easy read, though I’m afraid it probably will not be one that stands out for me weeks later.

I liked that this Beauty and the Beast themed HR had the heroine scarred as well. I liked Fia’s “devil cat”, Beelzebub, and the fact that all the men – warriors and brawny Highlanders – were frightened of him.

In sum: I liked this book, and it was nice to dip my toe back into the historical romance genre. A solid read if you’re looking for a Beauty and the Beast type romance set in Scotland. 3 STARS

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-- Crushing on the Cowboy by Sarah M. Anderson -- 

I was so happy to hear a few months back that Mitch and Paulo were going to get their story told (through Carina Press rather than Harlequin SuperRomance, where the rest of this series is). I really enjoy Sarah's stories, and this was no exception. Both sweet and steamy. I'll have a full review up June 13th! 3 1/2 STARS

Favorite quote:

Standing and kissing Paulo was a bad combination. Sooner or later, his knees were going to give out and he was going to do something ridiculous, like crumple.

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Yes, yes, you read that right: I'm actually taking the time to do a favorite reread. Remember, it's something I'm working to make a priority in my life -- stopping to revisit a favorite and not feeling guilty about the hundreds of unread books piling up. 

Almost done with it (or will be done by the time this goes up at midnight). Yes, I'm loving it just as much the second time around. Anna and Drew's story is fucking perfect, really. **sigh**

UPDATE: Finished late this morning.  Once again/still, 5 perfect, emotional, sexy, yes-please-banter stars. If you haven't read it, you MUST.

So what are YOU currently reading? 


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