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Whatcha Reading? (56)

A new Saturday post where you can share with us what you are currently (or just finished) reading and I will share my brief thoughts on books that I read during the previous week.

July 17th - 23rd:


-- Dirty for Me by Jackie Ashenden --

Oh, I really enjoyed this one, which kicks off a new series for Ashenden. Zee is dirty and rough-around-the-edges and oh so yummy. Loved seeing Tamara fight to break free of the expectations her family had place on her. I'll have a full review up Monday! 4 STARS

Favorite quote:

It was ridiculous, to feel this way over what was essentially a booty call, but after an evening of suffocating pretense, she wanted out. She wanted Zee's brutal brand of honesty. Hot, raw sex. No masks, no costumes. Everything straight up and way, way out of control.

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-- Served Hot by Annabeth Albert --

A note first: I've been exploring my library system's Overdrive this past week, and decided to peek at the romance ebooks. I can't even begin to tell you how surprised I was to see three M/M titles in the mix! Surprised and happy. BUT, upset when I realized after searching the entire romance collection (3,000 ebooks and another 800 audio) that those were the ONLY M/M titles. Come on, libraries everywhere, you need to do better -- and not just with M/M, but other LGBTQ+ titles, too.

Anyway, the three M/M were all from Albert, and since I had only read one of them before, I decided to grab the other two.

I really enjoyed this one. It was so sweet and adorable, with a bit of a slow build up, both in their relationship in general and with the sex -- though the sex, when it shows up, is hot and very well done. This was a quick read, only about 100 pages, and it was just what I needed in between review books. 4 STARS

Favorite quote:

His arm came around my shoulder, hauling me closer. Tongue sweeping inside my mouth, he took control.

The way he kissed was the way he walked and spoke and ate -- earnestly, and with a single-minded focus. This was why I was attracted to him -- there was a quiet desperation lurking behind his calm facade, a sense that when he did a task, he did it well. Like Ohmyfuckinggawwwwwwwwwd well. My spine lit up like a pinball game, electricity zooming everywhere and David earning all sorts of bonus points with his strong hand massaging the back of my neck, anchoring me.

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-- The Closer You Come by Gena Showalter -- Audiobook

Another library find, though this time in audio. First, I really liked this one in audio, and the narrator (Savannah Richards) did a great job. I was never bored or annoyed, I didn't zone out. Her voice has that honeyed Southern drawl which fit the book, obviously, but was also just pleasing to listen to. :)

The story was great, too, though I had my doubts with how it started (hero had just slept with heroine's sister). Things work out okay, it was never anything more than a one-night stand anyway. I didn't particularly like the sister at first -- and not really because of the whole sleeping with Jase thing -- but just her attitude and general "I don't care to take responsibility of anything and let my sister drown under the weight of it all" shit. But she did get better as the book went on and once I realized that she was set to fall for West, I was actually looking forward to her book (#3).

I really liked that the three guys -- Jase, Beck, and West -- are such good friends. Usually male friendships in romanceland consists of "Oh, that's my best buddy, I see him once or twice for a beer and that's it. But we're super close. Like, he knows me better than anyone." But not here. These three have a true, close friendship. They're not afraid to admit "Hey, I love you, man." and they're there for one another, through everything. It's just perfect and refreshing and I loved their interactions with one another.

I did get slightly annoyed by the situation that popped up in the last 15% or so of the book, but it was handled well enough, so I'm okay with it. (Spoiler: Jase had a kid, his ex shows up to tell him, the ex doesn't mess with the relationship with Brook Lynn.)

Some fun moments sprinkled throughout, some seriously sexy times when Jase and Brook Lynn get together, and a good narrator -- what more could I ask for? I know my library has the rest of the series on ebook, and I think at least 2 on audio, which I've already started. 4 STARS!

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-- Worked Up by Tessa Bailey --

Duke. Oh Duke. *SIGH* I loved this book. It's a quickie in terms of the relationship, spanning only a few days. I KNOW. But it's Bailey and I so adore her writing and her sexy times and dirty heroes and just everything. It all worked for me here, and it was just what I needed to read at the time. I'll have my review up July 29th, but this will be included in August's Royal Picks post! 4 1/2 STARS

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