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[Pat's Review]: "Winter's Path"

Winter's Path by Kelly Moran
Publisher: KDP (August 2, 2016)
Series: Seasmoke Friends, 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance

My name is Matt Holcomb, and I'm the good guy. The boy next door. I'm the safe bet and I always do the right thing. Then one night two years ago, I made a terrible mistake that caused irreparable damage, and the guilt is killing me. If I'm ever to make the leap and find love again, the woman would have to be perfect. She can't disrupt my carefully constructed control. I met my best friend Jenny Winter as a teenager and have loved her ever since. She's gorgeous and talented. Her voice could make angels weep. Yet she chose someone else and I swore I'd never fall for her again. Until something happens between us and passion ignites. But she's not the right woman for me, and crossing the line with her would not only change everything, it'll take away the only good thing I have left. 

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Pat's Review:

This is the second book in the Seasmoke Friends series and it is an emotional roller coaster ride. This group of friends spent their vacation at their parents' beach houses every summer. They have been friends since childhood in their hometown of Charlotte. One summer, a local girl was accepted in their circle, and was immediately welcomed and protected -- a new experience for her.

Matt Holcomb, an investment banker in Charlotte, had a life altering experience two years ago in Myrtle Beach on his vacation. No one in the group knows about it, but his lifestyle has changed significantly. After Summer makes her choice of Ian, instead of Matt's proposal (Summer's Road) Matt takes the opportunity to change his home base. Work has transferred him to Myrtle Beach and he bought his parent's beach house to live in. He's very happy to be moving closer to his best friend, Jenny Winter. They communicated a lot between visits, texting, emailing and talking in the phone. Jenny has even gone to Charlotte for the holidays. Jenny has fallen in love with Matt, a secret she has been keeping close to her heart.

Jenny now owns and runs Winters Den, a bar that belonged to her Grampy. He had slipped into the black hole of Alzheimer's and it broke her heart. After a few changes and redecorating it was hers and she loved it. For years she has been in love with Matt. She knows he cares for her, even seems attracted at times, but they haven't moved in that direction. Maybe now that he lived in Myrtle Beach?

Both Matt and Jenny have secrets that have impacted their lives But the secrets are between them and they are not ready to share just yet.  At times I wanted to shake them both........they needed to really talk!

This is an entertaining friends to lovers story, emotional and sexy at the same time. It can be read as a stand alone, but the first novel Summer's Road introduces the characters and basic story, and makes it a smooth transition to Winter's Den.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the author.

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