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[Pat's Review]: "To Have and to Hold"

To Have and to Hold by Serena Bell
Publisher: Loveswept (July 19, 2016)
Series: Returning Home, 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance

In this emotionally charged novel from the bestselling author of Hold on Tight (“Sweet, sexy, and real.”—Jessica Scott), a war hero fights to remember the love he left behind—and the woman who refuses to fade away.

The reunion is supposed to be the start of the rest of their lives. But when Trina Levine sees the soldier she promised to love forever, Hunter Cross looks at her like she’s a stranger. The connection is gone, lost in the blank stare of those soulful brown eyes. Hunter remembers his young daughter but not Trina, and he certainly can’t recall why Trina and her own child are living in his house. Although his lean, rugged frame bears the scars of battle, his mind took the worst hit.

But Hunter Cross hasn’t forgotten everything. His body remembers caressing Trina’s delicate curves, holding her close, never wanting to let go. Was it just a dream, or was it real life? Now, as he tries to put the pieces back together, Trina’s the one who comforts him when his night terrors strike. It’s Trina whose warm touch rekindles a connection no man could deny. Even with the odds stacked against them, Hunter wants to believe. Because passion has the power to awaken the past—and remake the future.

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Pat's Review:

My emotions got totally wrapped up in this second chance romance. Promises made and broken, a forever love that got lost.

Hunter Cross and Trina Levine have fallen in love. They are both single parents and know the consequences to there families. Their daughters are forever friends, Phoebe and Clara are the reason they got together. But, there's a shadow hanging over them. Hunter is still active military and has a one year deployment coming up. Trina has offered to take care of Clara since their daughters are never separated anyway. He insists they move into his house. Words that would end up haunting Trina, "I know my feelings, and they're not going to change" he whispered to her as he left. Frequent emailing, texting and instant messaging were her lifeline to Hunter, and then everything stopped. Hearing from his mom he'd been injured frightened her, and she was anxiously waiting his return.

His homecoming  broke her heart. He was Hunter........but not.  He acknowledged her presence, but nothing else. Later learning of his injury and amnesia was devastating. She decided she had to leave. It felt "As if they'd never happened at all."  She had left everything behind when she moved into his home, where could she go? Clara and Phoebe were inconsolable.  She agreed to stay a little longer to ease everyone into their new normal, at a huge cost to her emotions.

This is a beautiful love story, all the more touching because they had to fall in love twice. I finished this story with a tear in my eye and a smile on my face.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley.

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