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[Pat's Review]: "Tempt Me Too"

romance novel covers, contemporary romance, Tempt Me Too by Stacy Eatong
Tempt Me Too by Stacy Eaton
Publisher: Nitewolf Novels (September 30, 2016)
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Sara Hawthorne is a dedicated attorney, a loyal wife, and the mother of two nineteen-year-old girls. When her husband succumbs to cancer, Sara has to battle the grief and also the addiction to which one of her daughters falls prey. 

Maximus Tempest is business driven—and family starved. Eager to get his estranged wife to sign the divorce papers so he can move on with his life, he is frustrated when she is taken to the hospital after overdosing and wants no part of her treatment. 

When Sara and Max see each other for the first time in twenty years, old feelings spring to life, but with the whirlwind of problems that surround them, how could it possibly work? Secrets are revealed from the grave that could threaten any future they might have, and it will be up to Sara and Max to see if they can overcome the lies—or if they must bury their dreams of a relationship forever.

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Pat's Review:

This novel is a romantic second chance love story that will keep you guessing to the end.

Max Tempest, a successful businessman, is trying to get his very needy ex-wife to sign their divorce papers. He feels he has given her everything, and can't understand her reluctance to sign.

Sara Hawthorne is a well known attorney, with twin daughters who are nineteen. She has recently lost her husband to cancer and she, Kelsey, and Alexis are dealing with their grief but in very different ways. A friend of her husband's asks her to a gala opening to his new car dealership; he is dedicating the dealership to her late husband who designed the building. Little did she know his partner was Max Tempest, her first love 25 years ago. They lost track of each other; Max lives in Florida, Sarah in New York. As soon as they meet the memories flood them both. Twenty years ago, at a high school reunion, they saw each once more, both very involved in the life they are leading separately, Sara was newly married. It was a very sweet interlude they both knew could go nowhere. They were sure they would never see each other again. Meeting again sets them on a course neither expect.

This novel deals with addiction, grief, and secrets -- secrets that could ruin Max and Sara's chance at happily ever after. But it also deals with a profound love between a mother and her daughters, and the man she can finally admit she has always loved.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the author.

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