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Whatcha Reading? (87)

A new Saturday post where you can share with us what you are currently (or just finished) reading and I will share my brief thoughts on books that I read during the previous week.

Feb 19th - 25th

Wait for It by M. O'Keefe

Kindle | NOOK | Kobo
Releases Tuesday
Rating = 4 1/2 Stars
Notes: Dual 1st POV
March Royal Pick

  • Heroine is a single mom running from an abusive ex
  • Hero is the brother to said ex
    • The family wasn't close and the ex lied about who was/wasn't dead in his family
  • Emotional and a bit darker
    • Definitely complicated, like all of O'Keefe's books
  • Sexy, but it's a slow burn and there's a bit *less* action than the previous books, though what is here is still sexy!
  • Both have their share, and then some, of demons and person issues to work through
  • Love this entire series, highly rec
  • Could be read alone but is even better w/ previous books

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Daily Grind by Anna Zabo

Kindle | NOOK | Kobo
Out now
Rating = 4 1/2 Stars
March Royal Pick

  • Bi coffee shop owner (Brian)
    • Though this is his first time acknowledging and acting on his attraction to men
  • Tech CEO (Rob)
    • Ginger
    • British
  • Both are older -- 38 and 40
  • Such great banter and flirting, especially in the first few chapters, but really throughout the book
    • All sorts of coffee/cream puns and such
  • So. Damn. Sexy. UNF
  • The angst/conflict comes from Brian's struggle to balance the overwhelming load of running a business and having a life/relationship
    • Things at work are not going well and he won't accept help, won't listen to anyone -- not even Rob
      • Causes some fights
      • Eventually he realizes it's okay to ask for outside help, or at least opinions
  • I actually really wanted to go to Brian's coffee shop. Or work there. Or both. The setting just drew me in and his coffees sounded delicious
  • Enjoyed Zabo's writing will DEFINITELY be back for more!

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Royally Matched by Emma Chase

Kindle | NOOK | Kobo
Rating = 4 1/2 Stars
Notes: Dual 1st POV
March Royal Pick

  • If you recall I LOVED book 1 and I've been dying for Henry's book
  • Henry is the wickedly fun playboy Prince who needs to finally step up to his responsibilities
  • Sarah is a very shy librarian who has some demons in her past
  • Henry agrees to do a Bachelor-style dating show; Sarah, while invited, declines and simply goes as company for her sister, who is a contestant
    • He, of course, quickly has no interest in the women vying for his hand -- he's intrigued by quiet, bookish Sarah
  • Slow burn -- nothing happens until 70% or so, but it's sexy when it comes (heh!)
  • Sweet and charming
    • The last chapter or so (plus epilogue) were particularly *happy sigh* parts for me
  • Fun, like all of Chase's books
  • Has a good pack of emotions thrown in, too, as they each have their emotional backstories
  • I cannot wait for book 3 -- is it June yet?!

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Wild Invitation by Nalini Singh

Kindle | NOOK | Kobo
Audiobook from Overdrive
Narrators = Angela Dawe
Narration rating =  4 Stars
Rating =  4 Stars

  • 4 novellas in this anthology set
  • Tamsyn and Nate
    • The weakest story for me
      • Didn't feel like Tamsyn's character was at all consistent -- she was reserved, shy, gentle, at times, but at others she was the total opposite
        • Which isn't a problem (people are complex, of course!) BUT I didn't feel the melding of her two opposites here
      • Also the most "fade to black" of the four
      • I was left wanting more from these two
        • Think their relationship needed to be told over a longer book -- even a short novel
          • Would have loved to see their relationship AFTER the initial mating acceptance but BEFORE the Tamsyn/Nate + twins we know from the rest of the present day series, as they were so young when they mated
      • One scene re: Nate's problem with her new vibrator, set off a rant thread about masturbation and sex positivity on Twitter, if you wish to read it.
  • Annie and Zack
    • She's a (human) teacher, he's a park ranger for the pack
    • Really enjoyed their chemistry and story
  • Grace and Cooper
    • Possibly my favorite of the bunch
    • Grace is a submissive in the pack, Cooper a dominant
      • Great dynamics and courtship
        • Because her wolf naturally wants to submit to anyone higher up than her, they have to work through the mating dance to make sure she's submitting because of the mating and trust, not just her wolf's knee-jerk fear of a dominant wolf
    • Also the sexiest of the four. Man, Cooper is a dirty talker and I loved it
  • Lara and Walker
    • Pack healer + Psy
    • This was the story I was excited about when I picked up this set; love the glimpses of these two in Hawke's book.
    • Really enjoyed, probably tied with Zack's novella for second favorite.
  • Overall: Enjoyed visiting this world again
    • Focus is more on the couples than the overall series plot arc (like it is in the novels)

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