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[Pat's Review]: "Deceive Me"

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Deceive Me by Ella Sheridan
Publication Date: March 14, 2017
Series: Southern Nights, 5
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Elliot Smith has trained hard to live alone and work alone, even when it comes to her job as a security specialist for JCL Security. No relationships, no ties, except the one to the man who kidnapped and murdered her mother. She’ll do anything to kill Martin Diako, the untouchable South African pirate king. When Deacon Walsh walks into her office, she finally sees a chance to do just that.

Deacon went from soldier to mercenary warrior to stay-at-home dad, and now his past is back to haunt him. Martin Diako, the father of the terrorist Deacon killed two years ago, is coming for revenge, and he has his sight set on Deacon’s daughter. An heir for an heir. Deacon will do anything to protect her, even if it means asking for help. But the security team he’s hired comes with an added complication: the only woman to interest him since his wife died.

Deacon always leads his team, and Elliot protects hers. They might have one chance at their enemy—if they can work together. Will their hunger for each other pull them together, or push them apart?

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Pat's Review:

Deacon Walsh, former military and now operative for Global First Security, has no fear -- except for the safety of his daughter, Sydney. His wife passed away eighteen months ago, and he has devoted every minute to Sydney. Unfortunately, two years ago he was involved in a rescue mission that went bad. One of the hostages, a young girl, was killed, as was the kidnapper. The kidnapper was the son of a terrorist who will stop at nothing to avenge his son's death. Deacon knows he and his team can't keep Sydney safe alone, so he looks for help.

Elliot Smith is a member of JCL Security. Her team has been asked to join Deacon's team for this mission. Elliot is not afraid of anything either.....except small children, and Sydney is four years old! Deacon and Elliot's first meeting is a little sketchy. He called her "scrawny." Next thing he knew he was headed for the floor and a kick in his very fine ass. There was no need for more words. Elliot falls under Sydney's spell and is falling for her Dad also, but she has some dangerous secrets that could affect this mission and any hope of their being together. When they're in the same room, their heat is combustible; Deacon has had no time for women since his wife died, but Elliot awakens his simmering libido.

Elliot's battle of being the only female on both teams gets tiring, despite their respect for her. She has found a way to give herself some space by saying "she needs tampons" -- those big hulking guys back right off. Made me laugh out loud.

The suspense is riveting, the love scenes sizzling, and Sydney is adorable. I have enjoyed all the Southern Nights Books, but I think Deacon, Elliot, and Sydney are my favorite.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher.

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Thanks for the review, Pat! Sounds like a keeper for sure!

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