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Book Deals: Weekly Recap

Warning, I'm sorry in advance to your debit card, ladies! 

Make sure that you double check the price before one-clicking! As you know, sometimes the deals ends unexpectedly or there's a glitch, etc.

Listed lowest to highest. 

These are all the deals I listed Mon - Sat. In case you missed those posts, I'm sharing them all here. It's long, but I hope you find something good!


✦ Forget Me Not
Erotica writer returns home, second chance w/ HS sweetheart
Contemporary Romance

✦ Love so Hot
Fire captain + bank teller; friends to lovers
Pat Rec | Review
Contemporary Romance

✦ Master of the Mountain
She’s at the swinger lodge w/ her BF, but falls for Dom owner
Contemporary Erotica

✦ Off Campus
Reluctant roommates to lovers!
TBQ Rec | Review
M/M Romance

✦ Barefoot with a Bodyguard
Attorney + her bodyguard, a MMA trainer
Contemporary Romance / Suspense

✦ Filthy Beautiful Lies
Needing the cash, she sells her virginity at an exclusive club
Contemporary Romance

✦ Beautiful Storm
News photographer heroine sees a murder, tries to solve it
Romantic Suspense

✦ An Improper Seduction
Both are in their early 30s and don’t wish to wed
Historical Romance

✦ Love’s Rhythm
Second chance; kindergarten teacher + lead singer
Contemporary Romance

✦ Not so Smart
“Angsty virgin + moody manwhore”
M/M Romance / Erotica


✦ Devil’s Bargain
Hero is to teach her how to catch/seduce a man
Historical Romance

✦ Pull Me Close
They meet when she faints in his family’s night club
Contemporary Romance

✦ An Unseen Attraction
Lodge-house keeper + guest, slow burn + murder mystery
M/M Romance

✦ Big Win
International soccer star hero, British
Contemporary Romance

✦ Midnight Burn
Hero is from another realm, banished to Earth. She’s a human waitress
Paranormal Romance

✦ Heroes of Henderson Set
3 books, including an attorney hero playing a cop for a bet
Contemporary Romance

✦ Till Death
She was the head FBI in Dallas, now working with hero at his security co
Romantic Suspense

✦ Historical Hellions (Box Set)
7 books. Includes bluestocking + sergeant solving a murder
Historical Romance

✦ Someone Like You
Playboy/sex columnist + bridesmaid at his friend’s wedding
Contemporary Romance

✦ Roommating
Second chance, must work together and room together
Contemporary Romance

✦ The Winslow Brothers
4 books. Includes a friends to lovers story
Contemporary Romance

✦ Fool for You
Sports journalist heroine + the BFF she’s always crushed on
Contemporary Romance

✦ Brazen
An after the HEA story for this couple, first introduced in a novella
Pat Rec | Review
Romantic Suspense

✦ If I Stay
Chauffer and nanny to a rich family fall in love
TBQ Rec | Review
Contemporary Romance

The rest of the Montgomery Manor trilogy is also $0.99 each

✦ Against the Wall
Cowboy lawyer + landscape architect butt heads
Contemporary Romance


$1.50 ✦ Forbidden Fling
She’s back in town to renovate dad’s bar, he’s chef building inspector
Contemporary Romance

$1.88 ✦ Wicked, My Love
Politician Lord + financial genius heroine; childhood nemesis
Historical Romance

✦ Fortune Favors the Wicked
Courtesan returns home, falls for blind Navy Lieutenant
Historical Romance
Kindle | NOOK

✦ The Darkest Night
She hears voices from the past, he has his own demons
Paranormal Romance

✦ Hidden Star
PI hero + heroine with amnesia – and stolen money/diamonds!
Contemporary Romance

✦ Virgin River
Widowed nurse starts over in the small town + former Marine
Contemporary Romance

✦ Pushing the Limits
There’s some serious shit in her past, he’s a bad boy, EMOTIONS AHOY
Top TBQ Rec
YA Romance

✦ Scandal of the Season
Second chance. Pickpocket heroine + undercover hero
Historical Romance

✦ Jack of Hearts
Undercover FBI hero, heroine is cousin to a drug lord he’s after
Pat Rec | Review
Romantic Suspense

✦ A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses
Irish healer searching for missing magical items
Paranormal Romance

✦ Insert Groom Here
She’s on a reality show to find a groom, falls for the producer
Contemporary Romance

✦ While the Duke Was Sleeping
Shop girl + half-brother to a duke
Historical Romance

✦ Nothing Special V
RECON marine + tech specialist
M/M Romance

✦ Game for Seduction
Football player + daughter of his agent
Contemporary Romance

✦ Show No Mercy
Journalist heroine, he works covert private security
Romantic Suspense

✦ Why Do Dukes Fall in Love?
He falls for his secretary 
Historical Romance

✦ Blood Trinity
Supernatural warriors + AU Atlanta 
Paranormal Romance

✦ Intercepting the Chef
Chef + NFL quarterback 
Contemporary Romance

✦ The Game and the Governess
“Trading Places meets P&P”
Historical Romance

✦ Furious Rush
Pro motorcycle racer heroine + her rival
Contemporary Romance


✦ The Devil of Clan Sinclair
Widow needs an heir quick, goes to the man she once loved
Historical Romance

✦ The Wedding Pact
Enemies to lovers
Contemporary Romance

✦ Rookie Move
Second chance; hockey player + team's publicist 
Top Pat Rec | Review
Contemporary Romance

✦ Once Bitten, Twice Burned
Powerful vampire is held hostage, he and the heroine must escape 
Paranormal Romance


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