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[Pat's Review]: "Sit...Stay...Beg"

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Sit...Stay...Beg by Roxanne St. Claire
Publisher: South Street Publishing (April 19, 2017)
Series: The Dogfather, 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Garrett Kilcannon, a former dot com super-success who now devotes his life to rescuing dogs and finding them homes, prefers to keep his secrets buried as deep as a dog hides his bone. So when he learns his father has invited a journalist to Waterford Farm to write and produce an in-depth profile on him, he doesn’t care that she’s a childhood friend or drop dead gorgeous. He has zero tolerance for the media…until he sees a different side when she gets through the walls of a rescue dog who’s refused to eat during her short stay at Waterford. Unwillingly charmed and undeniably attracted, Garrett agrees to the interview that could break down a few of his emotional walls, too. 

Garrett might not want to share the story of his colorful former life, but Jessie Curtis has the skills to peel back the layers of this sexy, complicated, caring man. In the process, she not only discovers his secrets, she finds herself falling for a man who touches her heart in a way she never thought possible. Her entire career is riding on this one explosive interview, but can she bear to repay Garrett’s trust by selling his secrets? Or can a woman who gave up on happiness a long time ago learn to believe that all it takes to rescue a lost heart is the love of a good man? 

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Pat's Review:

The Kilcannon's of Bitter Bark, North Carolina are known far and wide for their dog rescue farm called Waterford. Daniel, the father, known as "The Dogfather", is a local vet and his family of six children and his mother, Gramma Finnie, keep the rescue running. This first book in the series centers around Garrett. He started a pet web site, sold for millions and then dropped out of sight. A very bitter expose has turned him off to journalists and their lies. But there's one journalist who seems to be getting under his skin, and one of his depressed rescues will only respond to her.

Jessie (Jessica) Curtis grew up in Bitter Bark, and was best friends with Molly Kilcannon. One summer night playing a hide and seek game with the family she actually got a kiss from her heart throb Kilcannon, Garrett. Jessie was taken away from Bitter Bark as a teenager by her single mom and sister. She had a difficult childhood, but she felt safe and loved in Bitter Bark. She is now a journalist for a publishing company, and has an opportunity to grab an on-air job, "Anchoring a TV show was a life long dream." But she had to get a story about the Billionaire Bachelor that walked away from fame and fortune, and must use her friendship to get her story.

She is welcomed when she first gets to the farm, coming across Garrett, now a hard, gorgeous version of her teenage crush. He is trying to get a rescue, named Lola, to at least eat. He has been trying with no success for a while. As soon as the dog sees Jessie, she perks up and even wags her tail. Garrett is thrilled when she even eats a bit from Jessie. But all enthusiasm and friendship is gone when he finds out what her job is. He refuses an interview and walks away.

Encouraged by family members, and Lola, he decides to try and work with her, and the old attraction heats up. Lola is thriving and won't leave Jessie's side. Garrett relaxes and maybe tells too much, but he now trusts Jessie. Unfortunately, her boss will do anything to get the story.

I really enjoyed reading this romantic novel, it has all my favorite pulls, a slow romantic build up, large family, small town, and rescues dogs. Not to mention some definite heat. I'm very excited to read the next in the series New Leash on Life. Best of all Ms. St. Clair donates funds from the first month of release to a Dog Rescue site.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher.

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