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[Pat's Review]: "Chasing a Legend"

romance novel covers, contemporary romance, Chasing a Legend by Sarah Robinson
Chasing a Legend by Sarah Robinson
Publisher: Loveswept (August 22, 2017)
Series: Kavanagh Legends, 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance

The most soulful Kavanagh brother tackles the challenge of a lifetime—with a little help from the girl of his dreams.

“Fans of Lori Foster’s SBC Fighters series will love the MMA atmosphere of [Sarah] Robinson’s Legends.”—Library Journal 

A topnotch manager and agent, Quinn Kavanagh pictures a life outside of his family’s renowned MMA gym. Beneath his sleek exterior, Quinn has a secret passion for sculpting. But after a nearly fatal motorcycle accident, he’s struggling just to walk again, let alone get back to the studio—and it doesn’t help that the doctor in charge of his physical therapy is his childhood crush. Quinn’s always ready for a fight, but the bittersweet sting of unrequited love has him begging for mercy.

Dr. Kiera Finley is determined to make her medical residency a success. Six years ago, she gave in and shared a single passionate night with Quinn. Now she’s just hoping the cocky lover from her past doesn’t derail her plans for the future. Little by little, though, Kiera gets to know another side of Quinn. She knew he was a family man, devoted to his parents and brothers, but he’s also a free spirit trapped in a cage—and only she has the key. To heal both Quinn’s body and soul, Kiera’s tempted to give him a special kind of medicine.

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Pat's Review:

The Kavanaugh family is well known for their success in MMA fighting and their gym, Legends. Quinn Kavanaugh is Kane's MMA manager, but does extreme training to keep in shape. Until a tragedy strikes and his life gets an unwanted re-start.

Quinn is critically injured in a motorcycle accident. He is in a coma for a week, and awakens to a whole new existence, mainly of pain. He has broken bones, scars from the road, multiple bruises and is running out of hope. He is depressed knowing his life can never be the same. But upon starting to work with the doctor in charge of his PT, he is thrown back in time (not literally!).

Keara Finley "Keeks", his best friend growing up, is now a physician. After a magical night together six years ago, she left without a word or a note. Quinn was devastated and still carries the hurt. But the closeness they're sharing now is breaking down his walls, and making Keeks realize what a mistake she made leaving. They decide to go with their feelings and try to see how things work out. Quinn even admits Keeks to his sacred sanctuary, where he has been making beautiful sculptures from motorcycle parts for years. His family has no idea, but he realizes this is the one thing from his old life he can still embrace and work with. Keeks encourages him all she can. It seems like Quinn can have it all.

But a secret Keeks is keeping threatens everything. She loves Quinn with her whole heart and soul, and knows he loves her, but a decision has to be made.

This story has a lot of pain, both physical and emotional, but as always the family weathers it all. There are steamy moments, tears and eventually the HEA. But the story along the way is heartwarming. This can be read as a stand alone, but the series is a wonderful read.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley.

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