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Pat's Review: Ty's Heart

Ty's Heart by Selena Laurence
Publisher: Golden Age Press (October 24, 2017)
Series: California Cowboys, 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance

She's come back to steal his heart.

Ty Jenkins is a good man. For five long years he's devoted his life to his young daughter, Katie, giving everything he's got to make sure she won't miss the one thing she can't have--a mother. When that very woman blows back into town, Ty's world is turned upside down. He'd do anything to care for Katie, but caring for her gets complicated when he still has feelings for the woman who abandoned them both.

Jodi Morgan has made a lot of mistakes in her life, and the biggest one of all was giving up her infant daughter the day she was born. But now she's back in Big Sur, California, determined to be there for her girl however she can. What Jodi didn't count on was the way she feels about Katie's father. Between his devotion to Katie and his work-honed body, Ty is one hell of an attractive package.

As two parents begin a journey to do what's best for their child, they rediscover the feelings they once had for one another. Can Ty trust Jodi not to leave again? Has she come to be part of Katie's future? Or will she steal his heart?

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Pat's Review:

This is a beautiful love story made even more poignant by the deep love both characters have for their child. A child the desperate mother wants to have a relationship with, and a heartbroken angry  father who wants none of it.

Six years ago Jodi Morgan came to Big Sur for an adventure with a friend. In that town she found much more. Ty Jenkins was a dream come true, handsome, kind, attentive and a great lover. But things got serious when Jodi found out she was unexpectedly pregnant. Ty immediately offered to marry her, but it wasn’t what she wanted. Jodi was raised by a single mom with multiple problems and would do anything to keep from re-living that nightmare. She made the hardest decision in her life and gave the baby (Katie) to Ty. After years of constant feelings of loss and self doubt, a relationship with an abusive man sent her to a friend and therapy that saved her mind and heart. Now she wants to get to know Katie.

Ty Jenkins first saw Jodi and thought

Jodi looked like a fae out of some Nordic fairy tale, all fair skin, white-blond hair, and pale blue eyes.

But that fairy tale turned into a nightmare when she left town. He made sure everything was legal, lots of papers signed and sent to the lawyer, his family backed him one hundred percent, but how do you explain to a growing little girl where her mother is? When Jodi returned, wanting a chance to see Katie, he answered with a resounding NO! But unexpected old feelings creep back, he sees the pain in Jodi’s eyes and the excitement in Katie’s. Not only is he going to have to let Jodi into Katie’s life, but the feelings between them are stirring up old love. How can he be sure she’ll stay this time and not break his and Katie’s hearts?

This is the third in the California Cowboys series, each a standalone story and outstanding, romantic read.


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