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Pat's Review: Dawn's Early Light

Dawn's Early Light by Jessica Scott
Publisher: BookShots (November 7, 2017)
Genre: Contemporary Romance

"I'm not a hero."

Cam Warren is back from duty in Iraq. He's haunted by what he's seen, and the only thing he wants is to be normal again--especially when he sees Hayley Arsenault, the girl he left behind when he went off to war. But how does a scarred soldier learn to let in love?

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Pat's Review:

A battle scarred veteran wonders if he can go home again. He hates being called a hero, and depends on drugs and alcohol to accept the praise and honors from his family and friends. The one person who should run at the sight of him is instead slowly trying to pull him back to the world, away from the nightmares of war.

Cam Warren is home for good, actually living in his boyhood home. He has scars, lots of ink and a loving family that can’t seem to leave him alone. His brother Ben is the local sheriff, which Cam can’t get used to, and the young girl he left after high school has turned into a gorgeous woman who owns her own veterinary practice. She doesn’t even turn her back on him when she sees him.

Hayley Arsenault was devastated the day Cam left for the military. But she had moved on, at least she thought she had. When Cam showed up at her clinic with a tiny kitten he rescued, her walls started cracking. Hayley felt like the darkness she saw in his eyes was fading until a confrontation with his military hater cousin turned violent. His instinct was to crawl back into a whiskey bottle, but Hayley held on for dear life. She was not letting him go this time.

As always in Ms. Scott’s books the characters are honest and so believable. Family and friends play a big part of Cam’s return to life, but Hayley’s steadfast caring and forgiveness give’s Cam the strength and courage to live. Always a pleasure to read Ms. Scott’s stories, knowing she herself has experienced the heartache the war can cause.


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Pat bought this book.

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